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Hello! My name is vivizwag and I’m a Roblox developer/Dutch translator/QA tester. I’m 18 years old (01/09/04) and I’m from Belgium. I can speak fluent Dutch and English. I joined Roblox in 2016. I don’t have many skills when it comes to things like scripting and modeling so I’m mainly trying to do my part through translating and QA testing!


Game Developer (my games)

Story Game Central (13.4M+ visits on 11/02/22):
(SGC) Story Game Central [HALLOWEEN] - Roblox
Old Games Inspired By Camping (1.8M+ visits on 11/02/22):
Old Games Inspired By Camping - Roblox
Camping Roulette (437.4K+ visits on 11/02/22):
Camping Roulette - Roblox
Piggy Central (15.1K+ visits on 11/02/22):
(PGC) Piggy Central - Roblox
Game Central (6.1K+ visits on 11/02/22):
Game Central [NEW] - Roblox

Group Manager (my groups)

vivizwag (20.3K+ members on 11/02/22): vivizwag - Roblox
Vivid Entertainment (570 members on 11/02/22): Vivid Entertainment - Roblox

Dutch Translator

Car Dealership Tycoon (1.1B+ visits on 11/02/22):

Shoot Out! (135.8M+ visits on 11/02/22):

Story Game Central (13.4M visits on 11/02/22):

Game Tester

Parwaz Studios (1.9M+ members on 11/02/22):

Ponchokings (1.3M+ members on 11/02/22):

ChainLemonade Studios (845.9K+ members on 11/02/22):

Official Murder Mystery 3 (437.6K+ members on 11/02/22):

Speedd Studio (155.3K+ members on 11/02/22):

Paradigm Games (50.8K+ members on 11/02/22):

Edguita Studios (3.5K+ members on 11/02/22):


I’m currently attending college so on weekdays I’m available from 7 pm to 12 am. On weekends and breaks, I’m available from 1 pm to 5 pm and from 7 pm to 12 am. If I’m not available, I will send you a message with info.


Depending on how much work it is, I’m not very picky about payments. I tend to negotiate with my clients to see what fits their budget the best. Just tell me a reasonable price and I will see what I can do.


DevForums: @vivizwag
Discord: vivizwag#3302
Twitter: @vivizwag