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Hello! I’m a 19-year-old aspiring game developer, Dutch translator, and QA tester residing in Belgium. Over the years I have gathered a lot of experience, and I would like to use that experience to gain even more experience.


Game Developer (my games)

Story Game Central (13.5M+ visits on 09/11/23):
(SGC) Story Game Central (191) - Roblox
Old Games Inspired By Camping (1.8M+ visits on 09/11/23):
Old Games Inspired By Camping - Roblox
Camping Roulette (458.7K+ visits on 09/11/23):
Camping Roulette - Roblox
Game Central (51.9K+ visits on 09/11/23):
Game Central (717) [SIMULATOR & AMUSEMENT PARK] - Roblox
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(PC) Piggy Central (23) - Roblox
Expedition Central (1.7K+ visits on 09/11/23):
(EC) Expedition Central (8) - Roblox

Group Manager (my groups)

vivizwag (20.3K+ members on 09/11/23):
vivizwag - Roblox
Vivid Entertainment (545 members on 09/11/23):
Vivid Entertainment - Roblox

Dutch Translator

Car Dealership Tycoon (1.5B+ visits on 09/11/23):

Shoot Out! (145.5M+ visits on 09/11/23):

Story Game Central (13.5M visits on 09/11/23):

Game Tester

Parwaz Studios (2.2M+ members on 09/11/23):

Ponchokings (1.6M+ members on 09/11/23):

ChainLemonade Studios (1.4M+ members on 09/11/23):

Official Murder Mystery 3 (451.7K+ members on 09/11/23):

Scooby Studios. (383.8K+ members on 09/11/23):

Speedd Studio (177.1K+ members on 09/11/23):

Paradigm Games (73.3K+ members on 09/11/23):

Team Escape Room (11.8K+ members on 09/11/23):
Edguita Studios (4.5K+ members on 09/11/23):


As a full-time college student, my schedule may be tight at times, but I tend to find time to do what I’m asked to do. On school days, I’m usually free after 7 pm GMT+2 and ready to get to work.


Payments are completely negotiable.


DevForums: @vivizwag
Discord: @vivizwag
Twitter: @vivizwag