Voice chat moderation : Moderation reason needs to be given when banned from voice chat

this sums it up pretty well

people are abusing reports by putting players in combat then reporting them so they combat log


Roblox moderation is doomed guys. The issue is still relevant :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
I like how they are convinced in their “systems” even though they are awful.


Imagine having such a horrid moderation system that players rather use it as a weapon than an actual tool to get rid of problematic players.

I wish my first post was something a lot more nicer, but I was mass reported in Pls Donate for saying ‘No’ to someone who was asking me to donate.


To those wondering if this issue is still ongoing, it is.

All I ever get are 7 day vc bans, no 20 minute or 24 hour suspensions like other people. I refrain from swearing or saying anything even remotely bad and it still happens.

I genuinely feel like the people who got voice chat later on lucked out on punishments, those who’ve had it for awhile seem to get the 1 week bans.

Voice chat is unusable.


Unusable I agree, I don’t even risk my account reputation in vc servers knowing that I might be warned/banned for normal discussions… Try to socialize with peoples, boom get banned…

I’m french so try talking to french peoples and english peoples reports u because they dont understand what im saying… (this is just speculation, not happened. Thinking what could happen)


I’m pretty sure I was spam reported using VoiceChat in a game. I had a friend that told me about 3rd party softwares some people are using to exploit the report system. Didn’t break any rules let alone barely talked. Y’all stay safe out there, keep your mics off unless you want to go through the same issue.

If any Roblox moderators see this, please get this issue fixed or attempt to find another way around this. I have to wait a whole day to use my account which I use to develop on.


The Roblox Conspiracy that I believe. People are definetly abusing reporting one way or another.


This is the reason why I aren’t getting it.

If ROBLOX wants to be a “centre of all communication” (which I heavily doubt will become a reality) they NEED to sort this out!

Here are a few ideas I have.

  • The AI could be used to notify a HUMAN moderator to check on the conversation. If it is a violation, then moderation action takes place. But never, ever should the AI be working alone.

  • The recording should be provided in the ban message so that it can be used to back up the ban. If it is clearly false, then it should be easily appealable (unfortunately, the appeal form is literally impossible to use now with the new captcha they added)

  • This trend of radio silence ROBLOX has been taking NEEDS TO STOP. This has been frustrating as the ‘community’ which is supposed to be cared about cannot confirm whether they’re being listened to or not. Copy-paste statements that are readable elsewhere do not clarify anything. And being the victim of a recent false VC-ban, I recommend turning off spatial voice altogether, and not using ROBLOX as a space for communication. These are glaring issues and nobody knows whether a solution is on the way or not.

It’s sad to see that this thread was made earlier this year, and the problem has not changed in the slightest. I feel that nobody in the community is being heard, which is straight up toxic.

AI is not ready to moderate our speech, and it will never be able to. This is a job that only HUMANS can do. Abuse is often more than just saying swear words (and, in my experience, actual harassment never gets dealt with, despite sending several reports). This is like if you would get a strike on your account every time you got your text chat messages hashtagged.