Volumetric lighting

On the roblox studio, it is impossible (for me) to make volumetric light. Or we have to fake it with parts or beams at the moment which doesn’t give us the results we really want.

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I would really love this feature because then I can make a nice torch system; like in horror games. I believe that if you add volumetric light you can make really awesome and surreal environments.

Most game developing engines have volumetric light and we roblox developers have been waiting for a while about any news or updated for it! I hope this does get added and this is in the interest of others.


pretty sure this is what ‘Future is Bright’ is going to bring soon. search it up, you’ll find all sorts of stuff on it


Ah yes, but I still don’t know when phase 3 is coming


Probably in the first quarter of 2020, possibly second.


Future is Bright phase 3 is out and we still don’t have this effect, nor an efficient or a realistic way of recreating this effect. Having this effect would make a lot of games look so good. Imagine horror games with this effect.
As a developer, I really feel this is a missing feature from the Future is Bright.
Also as mentioned above, most game engines have volumetric lighting.

If we could get any updates or a response to this post, that would be great as I have never seen a response from roblox on a feature request like this.


Nearly been 2 years. I sure hope they bring this update out!


We can try and replicate this effect by using particle emitters and beams, but as mentioned it’s still not volumetric lighting!?!?!?


I doubt that this feature will be added any time soon. Volumetric lighting would be very laggy. You could bake it but roblox haven’t even added baking to normal lights yet.

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