Vos_Despero's Portfolio [For Hire]

Hi king!
Been a 3-D Artist for almost 3 years now, I quit Roblox to enlist into the Navy last year, and after some long months I’m back into the picture. You can visit, or see some of my things on Twitter.

I am open for commission and long-term/short-term development groups or teams. Vos_Despero#0001

*Note this is an old post, as well as old showcases or work. And a lot of these are not complete for the reason of me always generating new ideas and I forget about them. Need me a team to hold me down :smile:


  • Added some old-new showcases or map developments that I was/am working on.
    I return to Roblox after a year once again to try the development scene out. Been working and constantly busy in real life that I stood back and realized I can do more of myself and my mediocre talent as a 3d Artist.

Update 3/22/21
So for this portfolio page update (been about a year or two) I have a few new things and a few pictures to add so people don’t have to visit 10 old games/showcases that aren’t done and be disappointed since everything below is from 2016-2018. :smiley:

:muscle:Some notable games I’ve worked on over the years…

  • Murder Mystery X
  • Dungeoneer by Light Games
  • Journey’s Tale
  • Hoodlums
New Work 3/22/2021

Some images and places!
Poxel Cyberpunk - Roblox

Older Showcases/Game Design

Some older showcases ranging from 2016-2018
Low Poly Assets - Roblox
test - Roblox
Working - Roblox
Work Showcase - Roblox
Mineshaft [Showcase] - Roblox
center - Roblox
Fortnite - Roblox
plastic bottle in the ocean - Roblox


Oh hey, it’s Vos. Glad to see you alive again

it’s me astra

This guy is amazing at what he’s doing and nice to work with, I recommend hiring him!

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Hey Astra. and yes I’m back and ready for the new year with some ideas. If you’re interested doing and programming work in the future I could just have you help me put some ideas to reality?

Sure, I could help. But I don’t really plan to work with any large-scaled project right now; or possibly this year.

Decided to slow down a bit so I could focus on my studies, can’t afford to repeat what I did my previous years. Good luck with those ideas of yours!

Also, I think it’s better if you take some pictures off your showcased places, so people have an easy access and get a general idea of what you’re capable of instead of having to check the places itself. just saying.


Wow. This is some great work you have here.

What’s the best way I could possibly get in contact with you regarding a possible project you may be interested in being hired for?

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Contact me either on Roblox directly, or you can contact me on Discord at VosDespero#2023

Alright. I sent a friend request on Discord.


Really nice stuff Vos keep it up, someone should hire you.

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I worked for Murder Mystery X for 8 months following Vos_Despero’s time there. If anyone would like more information on his work ethics they can contact me.

Let’s talk


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Updated portfolio and updated information.

Updated with new work and images!
3/22/2021 6 months later :smiley: