VR Features Missing

The new VR layout is nice but a couple things are missing now.

-Recenter Feature: You can no longer re-center your head so you’re stuck being a giant.
-Change Volume: The volume is stuck at default so in VR you can’t change it.

I hope ROBLOX can implement a better VR system. I created a few showcases to experience ROBLOX in VR and the results were amazing. I felt like I was transported into a different world. If they implemented a default teleportation system as well as more abilities to control the Vive controllers I can see some really cool showcases. Right now not many people use VR and especially on ROBLOX. I believe showcases are the future of VR on ROBLOX though and can really show off their abilities of transporting you to a whole new world.

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You should be able to change the volume just fine, assuming you have a Vive here are the instructions: Hit the menu button (try both, it only works for one), put your finger on the top of the touchpad on the opposite controller, and then click down the touchpad on the controller you hit menu on. That should bring you to the settings, you can navigate the menu with the grip buttons.

If you’re not on a Vive, you’re doing it wrong.

There’s a new radial menu that I’m going to turn on some time today.

EDIT: The radial menu is turned on now. There are still some more things to come, like a working laser pointer and a new control scheme.

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Thanks dude, you’re doing amazing stuff with this.

Sweet. One thing I dislike is that the radial menu does not follow you - if you try to open it and you move away or the game moves your camera away, it will stay there. This is a problem for games with cutscenes and such, like Jailbreak, which has a cutscene that makes users in VR look straight down at the ground while moving (I feel motion sick just typing that), unable to turn the UI on to select a team.

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Yeah, you’re right. Hadn’t considered that. I’ll fix it, should be out in a couple weeks.

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Hey, any status on this feature yet?

This is a nice thread! :smiley: