VR Updates: OpenXR, Height Scaling and Floor Tracking

Your Oculus or SteamVR headset has a roomscale setup option where you mark the play area.
We just provide access to that information.


Will anything be planned for full-body tracking support for higher end headsets?

I know the vision is to push it to standalone headsets like the quest 2, but I feel as if people with higher end headsets (like me) have a bit more trouble using VR due to the lack of utilization of higher end features and due to the controller layout being specifically used for oculus controllers. (I have an index)


It’s great to see Roblox expanding its support for VR. The concept of immersing myself in my favorite games is something I strongly support. I’m excited to see more from VR creators and games that truly showcase these immersive features.


Any plans for full body tracking, facial tracking, or full finger tracking via openXR?


Will Roblox eventually expand to other VR headsets such as the Apple Vision Pro and the Quest 3? It would be great to see Roblox expand to a different type of audience. I feel like the improvements in Roblox’s VR are leading up to that type of support.


This is great, but i once again want to ask on when VR-Only Experiences will be readded as it was very useful?

Something like this:

Also mentioned this in the prior announcement


I have a VR game and this is godsent. Makes my life a whole lot easier.


Always love seeing more VR updates. Additional information exposed to devs and improvements overall to scaling (especially when they are still given dev choice like this) are EXTREAMLY welcome.

I just can’t say I take the comment:

We want to make Roblox in VR as immersive as possible

Finger tracking and additional body point tracking (foot, hip, elbow, knee, shoulder) is the single most impactful thing for how immersive VR feels outside display (framerate, DPI, viewing angle). Until user’s can feel in control of their avatar in VR, immersion will never really be there and this was a market Roblox had a very early leap on.

I get that it’s tricky when considering user saftey, which in part is why I find value in VR-only games, or even restricting games with geasture and body tracking to 13+ (possibly even 17+) users. I don’t know what the best approach on this is but I very much hope to see full body and finger tracking in Roblox.


This all looks great, though it seems to have broken Steam VR at the moment.

As of the latest update, opening Roblox Studio forces Steam VR to open, and closing steam VR once opened closes Studio too, making it impossible to use Studio out of VR mode.


Seems like fun, however how would the legs render movement if you are standing still, and using the joystick to move? Will it continue to do what it normally does and just play a walking animation or will you just look like an unanimated humanoid just sliding across the floor?


Thanks for the report, a bug fix for the Steam VR launch issue is planned for next Wednesday.


While this update is amazing, we are still missing finger tracking for the index and capacitive touch on all devices. I’ve tested the rift s and index and they are both missing this feature.

TecmagDiams stated,

I get that it’s tricky when considering user saftey, which in part is why I find value in VR-only games, or even restricting games with geasture and body tracking to 13+ (possibly even 17+) users. I don’t know what the best approach on this is but I very much hope to see full body and finger tracking in Roblox.

Instead of not adding support because of moderation issues, pass the moderation to the developers themselves. For example, if the middle finger is a an issue at a specific age group then just create code that checks if the positions of all fingers are down etc etc. If SteamVR was used then SteamVR handles the finger positions anyways (in percentages I believe) so it shouldn’t be that hard to do. On the bright side, the Enum.UserCFrame.Floor manipulation is a big positive.

My only question is: If ever, when will we get full index support with finger tracking?


Are there any updates to Oculus Quest 2 support yet?


VR is getting new APIs again! Wooo!

This floor detection and height scaling is a dream. Thanks :slight_smile:


Without a doubt, it’s amazing!
I’m looking for improvements for those who play my games in VR and of course, more immersion

Without a doubt one of the best free resources today that support virtual reality is Nexus VR.

This update in VR support is essential for these tools to offer more and more immersion to those who play in virtual reality within Roblox.


Without going into deep VR politics: If AR headsets really do replace smartphones one-day, Roblox will have a huge head-start with the native VR support across every game. Future headsets will definitely have a VR mode if the Apple one doesn’t already.

Personal opinions on the metaverse, you don’t have to to agree:

  • The “metaverse” stigma will die-off and no company will use cringy metaverse branding.
  • In 10 years, AR headsets will become portable enough to wear 24/7 in the form of glasses or something.
    • A computer from 10 years ago is as powerful as a smartphone today, so an AR headset in 10 years will be as powerful as a smartphone today.
  • Only the people who already spend 24/7 online will “live in the metaverse”.
    • Normal people will not spend 24/7 in VR.
  • Privacy is a concern. More than smartphones. Because AR devices are visible 24/7 and the government can identify people simply from fancy security cams.
    • But that’s a whole different rabbit hole and you can simply not use AR devices.

I don’t see the point since that headset doesn’t even use controllers.
I guess some games might work with it but they would have to be specifically designed to use hand gestures which probably don’t track very well for games which might need faster movements.


Ok so I made a Topic about Apple vision pro so yo check it out but basically any app that’s on iOS or iPadOS is automatically supported on Apple Vision Pro but is going to be a 2D window instead of using it as virtual reality. and if Roblox wants they can just add support of virtual reality and then it’s truly VR


Hey, so I covered this in my topic linked above :point_up_2: but basically in they’re announcement Apple said that the headset can connect to any keyboard or mouse or trackpad combo OR and gaming controllers, so that’s how that would work


Why is it not virtual reality, in they’re video it looks like it’s glass with a little projector, projecting to it but it’s not transparent it’s made up of 2 4k circular screens Apple calls EyeSight lenses
And it’s completely Virtual at some point it may be displaying the scenery around you but it’s still completely VR