VR Updates: OpenXR, Height Scaling and Floor Tracking

VR is getting new APIs again! Wooo!

This floor detection and height scaling is a dream. Thanks :slight_smile:


Without a doubt, it’s amazing!
I’m looking for improvements for those who play my games in VR and of course, more immersion

Without a doubt one of the best free resources today that support virtual reality is Nexus VR.

This update in VR support is essential for these tools to offer more and more immersion to those who play in virtual reality within Roblox.


Without going into deep VR politics: If AR headsets really do replace smartphones one-day, Roblox will have a huge head-start with the native VR support across every game. Future headsets will definitely have a VR mode if the Apple one doesn’t already.

Personal opinions on the metaverse, you don’t have to to agree:

  • The “metaverse” stigma will die-off and no company will use cringy metaverse branding.
  • In 10 years, AR headsets will become portable enough to wear 24/7 in the form of glasses or something.
    • A computer from 10 years ago is as powerful as a smartphone today, so an AR headset in 10 years will be as powerful as a smartphone today.
  • Only the people who already spend 24/7 online will “live in the metaverse”.
    • Normal people will not spend 24/7 in VR.
  • Privacy is a concern. More than smartphones. Because AR devices are visible 24/7 and the government can identify people simply from fancy security cams.
    • But that’s a whole different rabbit hole and you can simply not use AR devices.

I don’t see the point since that headset doesn’t even use controllers.
I guess some games might work with it but they would have to be specifically designed to use hand gestures which probably don’t track very well for games which might need faster movements.


Ok so I made a Topic about Apple vision pro so yo check it out but basically any app that’s on iOS or iPadOS is automatically supported on Apple Vision Pro but is going to be a 2D window instead of using it as virtual reality. and if Roblox wants they can just add support of virtual reality and then it’s truly VR


Hey, so I covered this in my topic linked above :point_up_2: but basically in they’re announcement Apple said that the headset can connect to any keyboard or mouse or trackpad combo OR and gaming controllers, so that’s how that would work


Why is it not virtual reality, in they’re video it looks like it’s glass with a little projector, projecting to it but it’s not transparent it’s made up of 2 4k circular screens Apple calls EyeSight lenses
And it’s completely Virtual at some point it may be displaying the scenery around you but it’s still completely VR


2D windows is only most of the apps that we have on it right now. You can use RealityKit to make 3D windows.


I could see how hand gestures work with Roblox. Also, if you realllyyyy wanted to, you could hook a mouse, controller, or keyboard to it.


The oculus quest 2 is supported, it’s just not an app that you can download. You can play using Airplay, or SteamVR + Virtual Desktop.


Exactly and if they integrate that it fully Immersive but I doubt that Roblox is spending time and resources onto it the market for it is small for a few reasons 1. DID U SEE THAT 3,499 PRICEPOINT!?!?!
2. Most people who do have it aren’t playing Roblox and Apple isn’t really targeting the gaming community with this
3. It’s mostly kids who play Roblox so adding this isn’t rlly worth they’re time especially when they could invest it in much better vr communities like steamvr or oculus

Edit: but IF they did add it I wouldn’t complain lol the second I’m able to Pre-order I will


This update caused me to experience an issue where I could not load either the Roblox Player or Roblox Studio apps. The Player would load the application as normal until it was time to render the game, then it would disappear and take up a significant amount of CPU usage in the background and showed my status as “Playing” on the site. Studio would open the starting splash screen then standard “whiteout” crash.

There are already bug reports on this issue, but I wanted to share my workaround; open SteamVR (Oculus is also worth a try)! Just having the application running let me open studio as normal and resume work. Do not reinstall windows or reformat your drive as some have suggested.

I hope these two issues are related and that we will be seeing a fix soon.
Otherwise, I’m excited to implement these features into my next game! Our project is very social and features like these let us focus on adding more ways for users to express themselves instead of spending time making complicated frameworks.


It’s great to see updates improving VR for Roblox. Super optimistic about this. OpenXR is a huge step forward!


There is a difference between VR and AR. In AR you cannot play any quality games. Heck, Apple wont even support VR games due to lack of controllers.


Did this happen to cause the bug where vr opens when I start studio again?


Is Roblox planning to put the Roblox App to the Meta Quest Store?


I’ve got some encountered bugs on this update to report so far;

  1. Hiding the controller models and the laser pointer do not stay hidden.

    • If you open Oculus Dash or the SteamVR menu, and then return to the client, the controller models and the laser pointer unexpectedly reappear.
    • Since Nexus VR makes use of the laser pointer anyways, this isn’t too big of a deal.
    • But with R6 VR, the module does not call for the laser pointer or the controller models to be hidden again.
  2. If you use Oculus Dash or the SteamVR menu to close the client or studio, it causes both to crash instead of closing them.

    (Oculus Dash crashing has nothing to do with the player, so that has been disregarded in this overhaul.)

  3. Opening Oculus Dash or the SteamVR menu while looking in any direction always makes the camera recenter in that direction upon opening the menu and returning to the client.

    • This is particularly annoying because this makes the client recalibrate the camera on it’s own in other words, requiring me to physically recalibrate before pressing the VR menu button.
  4. The new chat service cannot be opened up in VR, it seems as though the new chat service isn’t compatible with VR.

  5. When the Safety Bubble fades out users with Layered Clothing equipped, the framerate drops considerably, and worsens the more the bubble hides.

    (This issue is caused by Layered Clothing, and has already been reported almost last year.)

Latest Edits: I really wanted to overhaul this reply. Corrected spelling. Even the safety bubble isn’t safe from layered clothing.


Will ROBLOX ever look into options for Finger Tracking support? Many developers that utilize VR including myself have been praying for any sort of implementation, so many creative things can be done with it. There’s a few suggestions to try and alleviate the problems of obscene hand signs on this thread following my reply: Roblox VR System Update - #245 by norperz


I don’t think they will need to, if you watched the event they said that iPad apps will automatically be ported.


When using Roblox studio in VR by means of SteamVR and Virtual Desktop, the program throws an error message when attempting to do any play test after the first one.

Controller inputs also do not work when using this method.