VVG's Survive a Plane Crash V1.05

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We released on May 26th, 2020!

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For anyone new to VVG, how we do updates is major updates automatically bump up the version number to end in a 5 or 0. ie) V1.05 or V2.60. Mini updates up the version number by 1 (meaning V1.01, V1.02, etc. Bug fixes for each update go out as letters. V1.05b, V1.05c. 5 mini updates turn to 1 big update, and major updates is when we post update logs!

Here’s the updates since the initial release (older updates first)

May 2020
*Added new ways to get points. Including collecting a gear item once per round for +25. You can get up to 50 points for maxing out your flighttime per round. Get 5 for a beverage being served to you. 15 for serving a beverage, no limit (Flight Attendant only). Get points for using an oxygen mask as well

June 2020
*Fixed issue with getting points for flighttime during round
*Made end of round restart 40 seconds quicker

*Sezess added a cool path creating tool survivors get for the rest of the round -like the classic SAPC games
*Added censorship on the plane announcement (not very much just very obvious things)

Sezess fixes:
*Hand missing after using jetpack
*Glider goes faster
*Path tool for winners more reliable
Amaze fixes:
*Can now open plane doors immediately once the pressure is broken from the 1st opening

*Added more camera shake during the falling sequence
*Made safe item spawning rate more rare
*Fixed glitch where the previous round winner path was still in game
*Have to have captain to send an announcement (even if you glitch in)

*Boosted game contrast
*Added exchange flight time to Points menu

July 2020
*Tourist clothing morpths added for free

*Custom skydiving momentum system: You are able to influence where you fall!
*Made character point in direction of camera when jetpacking
*Business class interior upgraded
*VIP door system updated

*VIP door system bug fixed (flight attendants, captains, can go in business class again)
*Captain announcement back (took precautions and it will not be accidentally removed again)

*More camera shake during turbulence, less glitching through the floor (though there will still be a bit, an update soon may improve even more)
*Attempted fix for stalling while sky diving
*Misc. technical improvements

*Glitchy curtain behavior fixed as plane goes into falling mode

*Fix to Captain’s unlock doors button
*Fixed Attendants’ carts sometimes dying
*Fixed survival tools not being unequippable when you hit the ground
*Fixed glitch-under-the-floor safeguard

August 2020
*Survival gear installed in new momentum system (more to come with this soon)
*Fixed winner tools (Ultimate path) not giving to all survivors

*Jetpack fix for mobile

Game mode added. There is a storm coming.

Survive up to 3 maps in short bursts of action packed plane crashing survival minigames.

Misty Mountain (in lore, this is the other side of a bunch of mountains inbetween the Roblox Hiking map. The plane was trying to get to Misty Mountain Village which would be up in the very snowy mountains.

Blocky Beachburg (in lore, the plane on flight 27D was traveling to the city of Blocky Beachburg, but did not make it)

Underground Lava (in lore this location is an underground lava cove nearby Amaxon City)

This section of the update log is a SPOILER ALERT WARNING

In the main game, there is a new tool, the crowbar! Yes you can use this crowbar somehow
You can use the crowbar on the upstairs glass display of the lifeboat airlines wrightflyer to get your very own wright flyer survival gear to jump out of the plane with.

This will be a badge to attain in the future

Other fixes that went out in the 1.05 update:
*Added popup messages saying what’s going on in game (option to hide them)
*Added keycode “Y” to open/close curtains
*Added new survival board for the game modes and differentiate the story survivals from game mode survivals. Leaderboard on everyone’s screen adds those together.
*Changed lake water to can collide false and added drown functionality (protip you can actually double jump if you ever find yourself stuck in water in this game)
*Changed vending machine GUI popup to be on click/tap instead of walking close to it
*Fixed sound effect bugs
*Fixed punch animation in lobby glitch
*Fixed backdoor VIP room entrances
*Fixed extra time additions rising up allowing you to previously get more Points for seconds you didn’t actually spend in game. No time has been removed due to this being my fault, not yours.
*Fixed showing the “you’re full on oxygen” GUI until relevant

This is the first change log, so here’s how we developed the game in the first place:

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