VVG's "Survive a Plane Crash" Credits

Game Link: Survive a Plane Crash - Roblox

Game Programming :memo: - TheAmazeman
*Game loop
*Plane movement system
*Crashing sequence
*Event timing
*Teleport system
*Gamepass scripting
*Main GUI scripting
*Glitch fixes

3D Modeling and texturing :hammer_and_wrench: - Inyo22
*Plane model, livery textures
*Airport model, jet-bridge, airport building
*Gear models

Programmer :memo: - Progatician
*Metaverse Champions event
*Mountains game mode
*Proximity Prompts
*Survival gear functionality
*Flight attendant food cart functionality
*New GUI implementation
*Charcuterie board Flight Attendant → First Class delivery system
*Glitch fixes, such as keeping players inside plane

Programmer :memo: - SpectralJake
*Volume slider settings

Music and Voice Acting :musical_note: - Phalack
*Lobby music
*Panic music
*Voice acting of the Captain of lifeboat airlines

GFX :art: - ThreeLivesTaken
*Game logo and game icon
*GUI images and icons
*Gamepass outlines
*Badge outlines

GUI Design

Sound Effects and Trailer - MrGillett
*Finder of freesounds, mixer or recorder for idling, taxiing, takeoff, cruising, and crashing sequence.
*Trailer creator

VVG Website design -Ristone3

Game thumbnail and Icon - Zyleth

Punching Hit detection via module by Swordphin123

Camerashake Module via module by Crazyman32
-During the panic music, the camera shakes as the plane is staying still to produce more intensity.

Datastore functionality via private module by Belzebass
“Before Belzebass was programming for Vehicle Simulator, I bought a data store module from Belzebass which takes the headache out of worrying about data saving each game I make!”

Clothing Morphs via clothes by B_ecs

Other VVG game credits: