Wιɳƙʅҽ Sσƈιҽƚყ Rulebook

Rules may be updated over time, any complaints regarding the violation of the following terms and conditions of being an active member of Wιɳƙʅҽ Sσƈιҽƚყ can be sent to The_Flash589 or any other admin.

Group Rules)
•Do not spam or scam in the group wall, doing so will get your comment deleted, this can include pasting a message multiple times consecutively or posting links to inappropriate places which are intended to provoke scam.
•Petty comments, rudeness and disrespect towards any other player or staff will result in your comment being deleted and can lead to further punishments.
•Do not beg for Robux, we occasionally do giveaways but only when we see fit, asking for Robux will get your comment deleted.
Swear words and any other inappropriate language is not tolerated and will get your comment deleted and can lead to further punishments.
•Do not advertise your own group, game, clothing product etc, it is not tolerated and is extremely disrespectful.
•ROBLOX’s terms of service still apply, violation of them can result in severe punishment.
•Targeting another player or community is strictly prohibited. Sexism, racism, and homophobia can provoke harsh consequences.
•Do not request for high ranks, we will rank people occasionally if we have the need to.
•Do not impersonate any ROBLOX staff member, Youtuber, celebrity or Wιɳƙʅҽ Sσƈιҽƚყ high rank for any in-game or group advantage.
•If you are given any information about upcoming projects, do not disclose anything without the EX’s consent.

Game Rules)
•Glitches and 3rd party exploits are bannable.
•If you see a high rank in one of the games, do not follow him/her around or overreact.
•Do not beg for admin or any other in-game advantage.
•Do not ask for trainings or battles on the group wall, doing so will get your comment deleted.
•Be nice and respectful to everyone in game.

Loopholes are not forgiven or ignored, we have every right to deny you from the group for violation of the above regulations.

Please remember we are all here to have fun, these rules are in place to insure the group remains a safe and happy place.

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