Wal-Mart© Training/Interview Guide

Hello, and welcome to the guide for Wal-Mart Event Center!

This guide is to help Hosts and Co-Hosts do their sessions successfully, and without errors. If this is your first time being a host or co-host, don’t worry, because this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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Guide last updated on: 12/30/2020 at 9:02 AM PST

12:00 PM EST (Some days)

4:30 PM EST (only on some days)

7:30 PM EST (Regular time)



  • The host must be a Security Officer+ and be in the discord.
  • Co-Host must be a Chief Staff Officer +
  • Trainers must be COO+
  • Assistants must be SM+
  • Interviewer must be SS+
  • Must shout on the Roblox group and discord exactly at 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM, or 7:00 PM EST.
  • Must be on a device that allows copy and paste.
  • If any customers join, have someone interview them.


Shout Formats please do this 30 minutes prior to training’s actually starting.

Discord: !training (type that in the session announcement channel to start the training)
!trainingend (type that in session announcements to end a training)

Roblox group: [Training] A training is starting at the event center in a few minutes. Valued Customers - Senior Team Members can come down for a chance to be promoted! (You may make your own version if you wish)


Rules for the Event Center:

Do not fight for Host or Co-Host. First-person to claim Host is the host. The host chooses Co-Host.

  • Begging for co-host = demotion.
  • Fighting = demotion
  • Do not promote/train Team Leader+.
  • If someone passes training only move them up ONE rank, free ranking is not tolerated.
  • You must copy the exact guide, you can’t create your own.

How copy & paste:

  • To copy: Press ( ctrl + c )
  • To paste: Press ( ctrl + v ) into the chat.

Ranks allowed to be trained:

  • Trainee - Senior Team Member


Hosting Commands to begin the training:

(Copy these and paste them into chat if you’re the host or co-host)

Click me to see all the commands

Beginning Command: :slock

(press ‘, to do it silently, if you do this, do not copy :, only copy from sm - shout.)

:sm Hello, and welcome to the Walmart Trainings. My name is [Host’s name} and I will be today’s host, joined by my amazing Co-Host, [Co-Host’s name}.

:sm To make this a wonderful experience, we will ask you to hold your questions and/or comments till the end. People seen talking will be kicked/muted.

:sm If you have any questions, please ask your trainer before they start.

:sm Now we will go over basic rules so the training runs smoothly, please be patient while we discuss them.

:sm Grammar and punctuation are required at all times, if you fail to use them you will not pass the training.

:sm If you fail don’t be sad, there are always other training’s held everyday.

:sm Do not troll, exploit, or admin abuse. (if you have the privilege)

:sm Dress code: Always wear the Walmart uniform, which can be found in-game in the staff room or on the group store.

:sm Please do not wear anything inappropriate. (That goes for everyone)

:sm If you have questions on your outfit choice, please ask an MR or HR.

:sm Information for Trainers only: Don’t be too harsh with your trainee, make sure they get the idea of training’s and is accomplish all the tests.

:sm All trainers, please grab a trainee and head to your stations.

Trainer Copy & Pastes:

Click to see the trainer copy & pastes

Greetings, my name is [name], your trainer for tonight. Helping me today will be my assistant [name].

The training will be split into sections, greeting, trivia, register test, pharmacy/cafe test and last but not least, trolling.

Each section will be worth a point and each trivia question will also be worth a point.

Trainees will need lV points, Juniors V points and Seniors will need all points to pass.

If you need to go AFK please tell me first, not notifying me will result in a kick from the server.

Do you have any questions or concerns before we begin?

Great! We will start with the greeting test, please show me your greeting as we walk up to you.

Fantastic greetings! The next test will be trivia, I will be sending you all the first question.

I have sent the question, please tell me if it is tagged or you did not get it.

Awesome work everyone, my assistant will now be sending you the next question.

[assistant] I have sent the question, please tell me if it is tagged or you did not get it.

Great job! Next, we will be doing the register test.

To use the register, click the login button on the screen.

There will be a “checkout player” button on the bottom left of your screen to check a player out.

Make sure to log out when you are done using it.

Great job, next we will be doing the cafe / pharmacy test.

Please follow me to the pharmacy / cafe.

(Choose either pharmacy or cafe)

In this test I will give you all an order to prepare in the area behind you.

When you are done, come back to the register and hand me it when I ask you to.

To hand someone an item, simply hold it in your hand and hit “h” on your keyboard, then type in their username.

It does not have to be the full username, for example you can do “dry_” instead of “dry_iced”.

Please go prepare the order when I say it, do not hand me it yet.

(Say an order) Example: Hello! Can I have a Mocha with a blue cotton candy?

Please follow me back to the registers for the next test.

Great work so far! Next we will be doing the trolling test.

When there is a troller at the store, give them 3 (lll) warnings by saying “W(#)- (name)- (Reason)”.

After 3 (lll) warnings, call an HR to kick them. Since this is a training, say -calls HR-.

If someone exploits or glitches, screenshot it then call an HR immediately.

If there is not an HR in the game, you can always request for one on the group wall or in the Dizzy server.

Please state your greeting as we come up to you to indicate that the simulation has begun.


Training point system: There will be 6 total points possible, if they pass a section give them 1 point. The trivia section is worth 2 points total with each question worth 1 point.

Trainees need 4 out of 6 points to pass.
Junior Team Members need 5 out of 6 points to pass.
Senior Team Members need 6 out of 6 points to pass.

It is recommended that you DON’T name them their points, instead just have the trainer keep track of points on a seperate notepad. Only name if it is absolutely necessary, since most of the time it gets censored and takes up a lot of time.

IMPORTANT: There will be 4 groups/clusters. Groups C1, C2, C3, and C4. Each group will have a trainer and assistant. The assistant will help out the trainer with greetings, giving the second trivia question, assisting with register test, pharmacy/cafe test, and the trolling simulation. (The trainer may do these alone if they choose to)

Training’s: test them which each thing listed below. (In order)
Give them a strike every time they fail to use grammar, 3 strikes and they automatically fail.

  • Greeting test, ask them to show you their greeting.
  • Trivia Test, some example questions are below.

Pick 2 questions to ask them, don’t ask them all.
Important: Make sure to PM them the question, don’t ask it out loud.


Click me to see the questions

What should you wear at the store when you are working?
(Answer: The staff uniform.)

Does Walmart have a cafe?
(Answer: Yes)

What do you do when someone steals?
(Answer: Report to a Security+ to arrest them)

Correct the following sentence with grammar, hiii welcome to wallMArt how can i help uu todayyyy
(Answer: Hello, welcome to Walmart. How can I help you today?)
All responses similar to that works

What should you wear at the store when you are working?
(Answer: The staff uniform.)

Does Walmart have a cafe?
(Answer: Yes)

What do you do when someone steals?
(Answer: Report to a Security+ to arrest them)

Correct the following sentence with grammar, hiii welcome to wallMArt how can i help uu todayyyy
(Answer: Hello, welcome to Walmart. How can I help you today?)
All responses similar to that works

Training exercises:

Click me to see the exercises. (Do these in order)
  • Register test: pretend like you guys are at the store. Grab an item and proceed to check out.
    See how their greeting is and how they conduct it.

  • Pharmacy/Cafe test: teach them how to hand an item to someone and simulate it by ordering from pharmacy or cafe. (The first group that gets there uses the pharmacy/cafe first, if you get there and it is occupied by another group just move on to trolling)

  • Votekick training (only for Senior Team Members). Explain to them how to use it and when to use it, then pretend like if you were actually in the store

(optional: you can wear a trolling outfit)

  • Troll test: ask your trainee if they know how the warning system works. If they don’t know or explains it wrong then say the following:

When there is a troller at the store, give them three warnings by saying “WI-[Reason]”. Every reason should be different.

If there are a lot of people, make sure to include their name too in the warning.

If someone exploits or glitches, call a HR immediately without giving them any warnings.

After three warnings, call a HR to kick them. Since this is a training, just say -calls HR-.

Note: This is NOT worth any points.

If they pass: Congratulations, you have passed the training. If you have dizzy please join the Walmart server. You are encouraged to attend shifts hosted every day for a chance at being promoted. You may attend another training session to be promoted again. (don’t say this if they are Senior Team Member)

If they fail: Unfortunately, you did not pass the training. (Explain to them why they didn’t pass). You may attend promotion shifts to be promoted. You can attend the training again at the next session. (then kick them)


Interview Questions:

Interview guide: Tell them they have a maximum of 60 seconds to answer each question. Do NOT pass them if they have:

a) Lack of grammar
b) Lack of detail
c) A lot of incorrect answers

Click me to open the interview questions
  1. Why do you want to become a team member?
  2. How would you greet a customer in the store?
  3. Grammar and punctuation are required at all times, are you ok with that?
  4. Please correct the following sentence. “i want to become an staf so i can wrk at wallmart”
  5. What are some unique qualities about yourself?
  6. If there is a troller in the store, how would you handle him/her?
  7. Do you work for any other group(s)?
  8. What are your goals working with Walmart?

If they pass the interview, congratulate them and tell them to stand on the ranking line. If they failed, tell them why and kick them.


~ Drintional


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