Wall stick/Gravity Controller

So there’s an issue where when you die by a kill part, an invisible part is somehow formed:

Sorry about the quality. I had to shrink the file size all the way down.
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Is that actually killing the humanoid?

Just watching the video it looks like you’re not actually killing the character (perhaps calling :LoadCharacter()?)

The object returned by the class should be destroyed when the character reloads. By default it will do it when the humanoid dies, but if you don’t ever kill it that event never fires so you should do it manually.


that doesnt work it will bug out normal walking and u will start to derp arround

is there any solid way to ignore parts for like a barrier or wall u not supposed to walk on?

How to reduce the gravity controller’s sensitivity?
(I guess there’s a number value or vector3value you need to lower)

I made a post regarding some bugs Gravity controller bug

hope there is a solid way to ignore some parts so they are not walk/climable i am making a huge ring planet https://i.gyazo.com/99ccee7338dbac1494d0ac67a935d755.mp4 i never used blender before so i am slowly increasing my skills on that https://www.roblox.com/games/5626773768/Dyson-Sphere-The-Beginning if u wanna see how big it is lol i hope its possible since i dont want people walking on he blue sky barrier

Hey, I’m having some weird issues, I think it’s not a bug, but a weird loophole almost. Here is a post about it.

How do you spawn the character and teleport them?

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Hi! I’m spawning with a normal spawn pad.

Mmm yes i had to play the game to see what u were talking about. Make sure you manually set the character to match the spawn up normal when they spawn in. Read the API for it


Thank you so much! Would you mind sending me the link to the API your talking about? I’m a beginner scripter…

Im on mobile rn, but iirc i wrote the API at the top of the module.

I believe the methods named :Set(part, normal) but that’s just going off memory so those might not be the correct params.


Hey, I just searched through the OS game for the wall stick, I didn’t find an API documentation? Is the documentation on your github?

I found this after searching on Google: https://github.com/EgoMoose/Custom-Character-Controller

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I didn’t find an API reference…

If anyone knows how to help me, here is the link to my help request. I asked @EgoMoose, however he was unable to help me as he was on his phone.

Is there a way to disable and enable the controller when the player touches a part? I tried disabling and enabling it with my own knowing and nothing worked Lol.

Insert the part in the ignore list in the LocalScript in the StarterCharacterScripts.

And I want to ask something: @EgoMoose, is here any possibility ti adapt your Gravity Module to a normal Part? Not only Players but normal parts? I am just wondering.

@EgoMoose How to make it so if objects that are CanCollide to false, it doesn’t change your gravity, and yeah, like what the last message post said, Is there a possibility to adapt your gravity module to a normal part?