Wall stick/Gravity Controller

Hey! So, I am making a teleporter where it teleports u from ground to ceiling or wall to wall. So, I need to know how to trigger it or smth u get me?

Hello! I was originally going to ask here, but this thread is dead and I think that my issue would require its own post. If anyone is experiencing the same issues as I am, or thinks they could help, please check my thread out! I’ve been needing help to solve this issue.

Sorry for this late question, but how do I make players SPAWN sideways?
Like let’s say there’s a sideways checkpoint.


Hey there EgoMoose! Awesome work on this! I was wondering, is there any way I could set the gravity to pull the player to a certain Vector? Just pulling them to a coordinate. It is for a planet, and I need it to pull the player to the center. Any idea on how I would go about doing that?


Greetings, Gentlemen,

I Am trying to make a wall climbing system, I Wonder how the moving system works in the gravity controller, But I Am unable to understand the script of it.

can you make it for the vehicles, i would love to!

Are you wanting a Mario cart 8 deluxe remake on roblox?

i wanted to recreate f zero (f zero is a futuristic racing game made by nintendo)
by i mean f zero, i wanted it to look like f zero GX from gamecube

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That is cool! There is probably some way to make Vehicles work, but it might take a bit of Modification.

I personally haven’t gotten the Module to work for me yet.

but issue if you just hopped on car without modifying codes, car will go ZEEBLLOOINGG WEEEEE. no joke, try by youself. this is why i instead, used parts and turned it into acessory and made player invisible

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Lol. :joy::sweat_smile:

Smart. Very nice idea, indeed. You think up great things, my boy. Very great things. Protect these ideas. They will help you one day. They really will. Ideas are important.

How does the whitelist work? I’m working on a little planet thing and have the things on the planets surface added to ignoreList by adding it like this:

Then when I go to attempt to walk on the platform/thing it still try’s to blend the gravity change but ends up resetting and not changing gravity. Here’s the issue in video format:
robloxapp-20231225-1530083.wmv (2.2 MB)

And if there is a better way of getting and putting items inside the table how do i do it for complex models. Example being if I wanted a little rover that I wouldn’t be walking all over how would I add the parts to the ignoreList.


I wonder if you can code this to work with NPCs? Or does it already do that?:eyes:

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In some reason, camera won’t follows the player rotation degree (only in debug mode), anyone had this problem?

Did the recent updates break the camera again?


Yup the older version is broken for me as well. If you find a solution please let me know I’m gonna be looking into it myself as well.

Did you find a fix to the camera issue?

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It was a bug pushed from a roblox update that got reverted. It automatically got fixed for me although the camera issue kinda persists if you play for a very very long time.

kinda too late but is there a way to enable/re-enable this for certain clients.

Sorry if this is an extremely late question, yet is there a way i can disable and enable the Wall Sticking? I wanted to do that so i can allow the detection of Humanoid state types.