Want to be featured on the Roblox Twitter? Find out how!


Hi everyone!

Here at Roblox, we love all of the amazing creations that our community creates, and we would like to give YOU the opportunity to be featured on the official Roblox Twitter!

Here are some simple guidelines to follow to increase your chances on being featured.

  1. Use the #RobloxDev tag on twitter.
  2. Make sure that your tweet includes an image or video.
  3. Your twitter MUST be family friendly (we do check).
  4. The content you post must be your own.
  5. We can only retweet original content.

Please keep in mind, that following these guidelines does not mean that we are going re-tweet your #RobloxDev post, but it will increase your chances of being re-tweeted.

To answer some questions, I’ve included a quick list of non-family friendly content.

  1. Adult Content
  2. Curse Words
  3. Harassment
  4. Robux Scams
  5. Hacks
  6. Phishing
  7. Click Baits
  8. Scams

If you have any questions please don’t hesistate to ask! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone and good luck!



Sounds awesome!


I will try to get featured one day.




Not yet. Someday.


Found this out a couple days ago. Thanks for retweeting my tweet, it helps a LOT.




What I already do then.

Let’s just hope one day it happens. #RobloxDev is a very powerful hashtag.




will you retweet my attempts at making friends on twitter


What about something you’ve worked on with a team? Does that still count since it’s technically not 100% your own?



If it’s a team project that’s totally fine! I mostly just mean copyrighted material.


Alright awesome!


That’s cool! A nice helping hand for developers.
Does Roblox follow too? :eyes: :bird:


you posted my PF one for a youtuber. mind if i post it again under me. :upside_down_face: https://twitter.com/lindse_yyy/status/955927734856728578


Quit being rt greedy :joy:


Would you guys also retweet games on “international holidays/celebrations”?
Like lets say its International Pirate day, would you guys retweet a pirate game?


A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do


well there go my chances


awesome !! nice to know :^)