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Hi everyone!!

If you do not know me, I’m a YouTuber (https://youtube.com/Linkmon99) in the ROBLOX Star Program with around 370,000 subscribers. I’m known for being the “richest robloxian” and my brand is the “LINKMOB” or #LINKMOB.

References to the brand:

I’m looking for someone who has skill in modeling ROBLOX hats, much alike the ones seen currently in the UGC catalog.
There is a chance that upcoming waves of UGC creators will include ROBLOX Star Program members like myself (edit note: this is nothing more than my theory… I’ll pay for the models even if I don’t get accepted), but even if that is true and I’m accepted, I do not have the ability to 3D Model myself.

I’m looking for someone to create initially 3 or so designs I have in mind. They are rather simple… a fedora, necklace, and baseball cap (more details in DMs). These models would be created in-exchange for payment (ROBUX/USD, rates will be discussed privately but essentially whatever is fair to you).

I’ve tried contacting members already in the UGC program but they’re quite busy since they’re making money producing their own assets. So, if you think you’re interested in the job, this would be a good opportunity for you to earn some ROBUX/USD and even get your name out there (perhaps you could even be accepted into the program too!?)

To contact me try any/all of the below:
-respond below and drop your social media (twitter, discord, etc.)
-try DMing here on the devforums / ROBLOX
-tweet at me @Linkmon99
-hit up my business email (listed on my twitter)

I really appreciate anyone who is interested in working with me, can’t wait to see what we can do together!

Tommy / Linkmon99


Hello! I am interested.

My portfolios:
https://sites.google.com/view/streetrbxl - Website
https://twitter.com/StreetRBLX - Twitter
Streeteenk#8836 - Discord


I really hope this is not the case, after all why should middle-men who do not have the skills to make such hats profit from people who can. I also know that this is not that relevant to the original post but still that is ridiculous.


Don’t be close-minded, obviously having devs or star program members able to sell in UGC would be a massive income boost for ROBLOX.
Let me give you an example: YouTuber has a million fans > fans they love their merch > youtuber creates branded UGC items and tells people to buy ROBUX to buy the items.
That’s massive revenue for ROBLOX thanks to the YouTuber. Now multiply that by all the YouTubers.

Regardless, eventually almost everyone will be able to sell in UGC with probably requirements no stricter than to enter the dev forum. I see nothing wrong with this. My guess is ROBLOX will partner modelers with YouTubers eventually, but I’m trying to get ahead of the game since I already know what I want.


I might be interested, would be good to know the details about those three hats before I go all in, in case they’re too complex for my skills.

I’m still learning and improving on my texture work, but I’d say I’m in a decent spot in terms of making UGC hats. Been modeling as a hobby for some time now, and as of more recently all of my work has been towards making hats which would be good for whenever I get access to UGC, be it through whitelist or via the Spring 2020 release.

Here would be a link to my DevForum portfolio, along with another link to a Twitter moment. The moment is more up to date, since it’s used to gather all of the tweets I’ve used to show off my UGC, but the DevForum portfolio does have some other goods which are for games or items I don’t wish to currently release as UGC.

CaptainJadeFlames | 3D Modeling I Think Maybe A Little?


I’d say as long as the rates are fair and the Roblox Star involved isn’t taking credit for making what isn’t theirs, there isn’t an issue. Think about merch for other things, such as TV shows, celebrities, and even other YouTubers. It’s not often that those are the ones creating the actual designs, there’s usually someone else they’re working with. The designer/clothing manufacturers get a cut of the pay for making the merch, and the person/show/etc. gets their cut for having their brand involved. People who may not be interested in a regular LEGO set may be interested in LEGO Star Wars sets, which would lead to them buying things they wouldn’t buy otherwise due to that connection.


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