Want to make a sequel to a Bloxy game, however, I also don't want to get sued

Remember this controversy last June?

I have a game called Bloxy Kart (Known as OpenKart in the open source community)

However, I started developing some engines for a sequel, and literally almost forgot about the Roblox Brand Guidelines.

Bloxy Kart’s name is iconic and I want to continue using it for the sequel (Being Bloxy Kart 2) (Sequel Kart would be a weird name)

However, I also don’t want to get sued.

What should I do with Bloxy Kart 2’s name.

Thanks in advance!

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Bl0xy Kart 2?
BIoxy Kart 2?

I think thats an illegal loophole tbh…

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BlockyKart? BoxKart? CubeKart?

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Im not trying to think of some names. I want to know what I should do about this.

Actually, according to the guidelines (if you read the full post) it says that:

So you don’t need to worry about being sued. (If I properly understood the post lol)

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By established, does this mean that it needs to be popular or just existing?

Yes, it does in fact just have to be existing!

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Another Solution: you could name it “BK 2”

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