Warnings from Roblox should say the script and line they came from

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to figure out where data store warnings come from.

I’m starting work on a project for the first time in a while, and while testing I’m getting several of this exact warning.


I have absolutely no key (which is unusual) and no way to fix it. This is something that could completely break my game because I can’t debug it.

It would be super nice to see what script is actually trying to send the request. This is probably true for other warnings, and not just this.


Ctrl+shift+f for any possible SetAsync and GetAsync calls?


Don’t attempt to get/set the same async several times within 6 second intervals. Also, wrap all your stuff in pcalls, duh.

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None of that helps obtain the information this request is asking for. It’s better to not go off topic from the original thread to tell someone information they may already know, since this isn’t development support.

On topic, it would be really helpful if the warnings gave this information.


Haha, what? I’m explaining why this happens, how to avoid it, and how to debug it properly which OP is having trouble with. It already tells you the key that was throttled, script is irrelevant.

Edit: If the key isn’t being displayed, you should report that as a bug. Requesting a feature that is literally just a work-around for the bug makes no sense.

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Would be great if this also applied for WaitForChild and object parenting without yields warnings.

@BuildIntoGames that has nothing to do with the original post; he may be writing to this DataStore from different scripts and the conditions under which each happens may be different, so it’d be much easier to identify where the problem is if the script and line were provided.


To the people trying to help debug (which wasn’t the point of the original post), I’ll lay down what I was trying to do.

  • GetAsync is only called once, from a module
  • I set a print to the keys being used, none are empty (this is a bug, but if I were to know the stack trace, perhaps it would be easier to solve)
  • Everything is wrapped in pcalls, “duh”
  • I am not writing to the DataStore at all, only getting, and I’m getting entirely different data store names and keys

Full support. Been having a lot of datastore throttling issues recently even though I’m nowhere near the API limit so I’d really like to know the trace of where the issue is being caused by.

@BuildIntoGames I only access datastores 5 times per minute, when a player joins, when they leave, and when the game closes. I am using pcalls and not making repeated calls. Do explain how not including a trace with warnings will help me solve this.