Warp - very fast & powerful networking library


Warp is a open-sourced networking library, Warp optimized efficient for any-scale task. It's very fast, small, powerful & strictly-typed library.

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Why Warp? Why not FastNet2?

  • Strictly-Typed (Warp is written with strictly-typed for better typing, unlike FastNet2)
  • Rate Limit (Warp & FastNet2 also have rateLimit but Warp have better rateLimit system without sacrifice any performance with better configuration)
  • Performance (Warp have better performance than FastNet2, up to 40%)
  • Efficient (Warp might have better system management to make it more efficient)
  • Smaller (Warp have ~5.5% (2 bytes) less overhead network bandwidth over FastNet2)
  • Structure (Warp is way more structured than FastNet2)
  • Limitation (Warp allows you to connect a event more than one unlike FastNet2)
  • Flexibility (Warp is slightly flexible compared to FastNet2 like on firing a event with reliable or unreliable without require to creating another event)
  • Order (Warp have better queue management over FastNet2 to make it more optimized)
  • Modern Serialization (Warp use new serialization that use buffer over string.pack)
  • Small (Warp is more light over FastNet2 on their size)

Test Benchmark

(*Note: for packet size counter using Packet Profiler Plugin)

Warp achieve fastest on benchmark here

Warp (1.0.1):

FastNet2 (rc9 0.9.7):




Could you please provide examples and short usage guides on the main post? Also you make a lot of claims why to use this over FastNet2 and provide statistics without any evidence, it would be nice if those could be provided!

Also your documentation page is a work-in-progress entirely, you should consider providing usage here and finalize the documentation page as currently it is up to reading the source code to figure it how to use this as intended.

Reading the source code even further I realize there’s a few files that seemingly haven’t been tested, did you post this without proper testing? Why have you made your own Assert module instead of just using the built-in assert?


Can we get a comparison between this and BridgeNet2 or FastNet2?


custom assert have much better than assert(...) like performance


i have tested it while developing it and comparing Warp with FastNet2 rc9 0.9.7

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Warp is just an upgrade to FastNet2, I don’t know why everyone brings that up when the OP made both of these networking libraries

also instead of replying twice, you can quote stuff in one post


I agree,as no evidence of these claims and features,I wouldnt use it without seeing the Test evidence and features that are being claimed are there,so for now I wont use it just till I see Evidence of these claims.


I will be doing the test and showing it the result with other libraries tmr.

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interesting might aswell try it


hey, you should add 2 more functions ConnectEventClient and ConnectEventServer the server one connects any event that is created in a server script then you can listen to it the client connects any event that is created in the client then listen it, it would make the module easier to use.

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Are you gonna add support for Unreliable Remote Events?



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Oh dang! I haven’t read the documentation yet. Thanks for the notice.

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implemented Warp on my other games to send strings as messages like a:fires(‘hi’) got this err:ReplicatedStorage.Warp.Index.Server.ServerProcess:156: attempt to get length of a nil value - Server - ServerProcess:156 *also i cant pass on the script since i have many scripts that are connected to the same events. as for the other events they do nothing so its a issue with the module.

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my question for this is what was the motive behind creating it? I see you already created two networking libraries. whats the point of making a third one? does this library depreciate the others?

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How would this be better than ByteNet or Zap? :zap:


make sure you have read the documentation site, on :Fires you have to add reliable argument before you given the data arguments like this :Fires(true, ...) if it true then it use reliable or else.

Warp | 1.0.1

  • Fix Missing argument type for rateLimit on .Server
  • Fix failed initialize player on Server (at some condition)

Get .RBXM from github
With Wally

also added some test benchmark result (also sorry for the minor typo on test benchmark result where supposed to be warp not wrap.

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I agree with this sentiment, why not just update one of the other ones to be more optimized instead of making a new one to deprecate an older one? It makes it harder for developers to quickly switch over to a better system since they’d have to fully change it in their workflow.

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update fixed the issues in my bot game , but still my render cant retrieve colours.
besides from the chat bit i think it got confused since there’s a server connected to it, client connected and another client. its created in one client script then accessed by the others server and client how do i control the flow of the event? shall i use the rateLimit?