WarriorCatsRP Asset Attributions

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WarriorCatsRP produces Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition in collaboration with Working Partners, a Coolabi company. The Warrior Cats name, brand, logo, and related marks are registered trade marks in the EU and are subject to trade mark rights in other countries.

Game Assets and Frameworks

Audio Attributions

  • APM Music Library

Art Attributions


SentientDakimakura - For building the framework our game runs off of. This major contribution improved our development workflow significantly.
Erin Hunter - Author of Warrior Cats
EpicDogMan10 - Pre-Release Spaceship Lobby [Used during beta]
ZCole96 - Character Editor Room [Used during beta] , Lightning Generation
Avianfeather - Creator of the base cat model (old)
ReelPlum - Minimap Framework