Water Messing Up?

Anyone know why my water would be doing this?

I tried multiple things from changing transparency, material, etc


Maybe there are parts inside of the the water part.


If that’s multiple parts stacked then try putting small gaps between them.


That’s just how Roblox handles Z order for non-opaque objects. There is no easy fix for this. You could try making only 2 layers for the water, with the bottom one being non-transparent, or increasing the gap between layers.


I have seen this type of water before and I know exactly why it’s like that because you put all of the parts with the same size. I suggest making the parts smaller and making them all at the bottom or follow
@ExedusDev tutorial on how to make low poly water.

I did follow it exactly. That’s the issue.

It seems to be a roblox engine issue. When I scale everything down to a 4x4 size everything is fine, but when I scale it to the size I need is when the issues start

I figured out this issue before. You have to make all of the sections at the bottom of the first section so they should all have the same bottom position as the foam part. I made this piece myself too so you could check it out in my games and you could check the side of the water for reference to your water piece,