WaterJamesPlough | Experienced Programmer Portfolio

Hi there, I am Neil! I am an enthusiastic and very creative developer, excited to create new & amazing games. I currently have 6 years of experience working on Roblox :rocket:

  • Gameplay Programming
  • Visual Effects Programming
  • Animations
  • Github
  • DevOps
  • Artificial Intelligence

Noteable Games I’ve recently / previously worked on…

  1. 🍓[NEW!] Jelly Simulator - Roblox
  2. Bloxhub - Mine Mania [Metaverse Platform in Roblox]
  3. [UPDATE]Anime Fruit Simulator - Roblox
  4. Gladiator Simulator - Roblox

→ All the work below is from a single game, entirely programmed by me. I’ll be adding in short gameplay examples of it as well very soon, or just contact me. But I can definitely show you 100+ more examples of work from the same game itself!

Gameplay Trailer of the previous game
Featuring all the Front End work, 5-6 visual effects and all the main features of the Game like Avatar Selector, Social media platform in-game, Reward Generators etc.

In-Game Screenshot & Video Recording
This works in connection with an external python rendering server, which technically is pretty cost effective for a large game, but was fun to turn this to reality.

AI Based Miner
NPC AutoMiner built with a custom pathfinding Algorithm, linked through the game’s block generation system.

Housing & Furniture System
A smooth furniture system, inspired a little bit from Adopt me as well. You are also able to add in multiple contributors with build access etc as well.

Mesh Rig Animation + Imported with Post Processing In-Game
A little crazy animation of a gift box opening up for an effect I made recently.

Chat System, inspired from Discord
Like I said, its very inspired from Discord’s chat. The emojis as well are custom image based, which work exactly like UTF-8 Emojis :wink:

Social Media Verification Interface
Verification Interface that deals with verifying players in Roblox / Twitter / Discord, along with keeping in mind for <13 Players.

Adopt Me Styled Interior Service
Works with a responsive door theme, letting players know that the door is there for a reason, along with a informative Exit button.

Developer Forum Tutorial Contributions

Developer Forum Modules Contributions


I am available for Full time work currently & able to join immediately. I am based in IST, and available anytime from 8AM - 5PM IST for work.


You can contact me on the Talent Hub / Devforum / Discord.
Discord: .iamneil

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I give him a 10/10 Rating! I am so satisfied with his work. He scripted my game and it is so cool. He is a complete professional. I RECOMMEND HIM. Hire him for your game :smiley:


Thanks, I hope we can work again soon.


Your discord isnt working for me Could you add me Sam,#1919

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Sure I will add you in discord

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I am interested in hiring you for a project. I sent you a friend request on disquord: blubberpug%8760

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Hello! Your tag on Discord is not right, can you add me? Harmless_Sound#6196

Your work looks amazing!

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Your discord seems to have changed. Could you reply with your updated user tag here, or add mine koke7777

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I am interested. Your discord isn’t working.

Add me at Trophane#8773


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Interested Contact me: FISHY#8882

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Add me when possible. I am interested.

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Hello there, was wondering if you’re still open?

I currently need a gun system - a demo of how it should be created will be sent to you via DMs.

We have the UI, Visual Effects (VFX), models, and Sounds.

We would also like to hire you out for several other things. Looking forward to a reply!

Discord - JFK#1234