We’re updating Heads!

I also forgot to point out that Roblox ended up misspelling the title on one of the heads. When is this going to be fixed?
(Correct title should not have an extra F after “Sure”.)

This is not how you do the :3 face!

Poor :3, banished to the eternal firey hells of getting a bad recreation…

Be sure to watch until the end to see the issue with it.


Roblox is thinking :3 has a mustache-

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Well technically speaking, that is how “:3” is supposed to look because the emoticon it’s based off of is meant to look like a cat.

If only it didn’t look so creepy…

this aged well “more backlash in just a few hours than any other update in 2023”


And yet, they’re still going through with it. What the hell?

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oh god that is awful–

please roblox give it just a small mouth below the 3, and connect it too.

What’s even more unsettling about this is the fact that I can see where the eyebrows would have been if the face had eyebrows.

I’m done I’m legit going to sue roblox. I spent like 300 USD on a limited face from buying robux, I spent a lot of real USD on faces, once again from buying robux that are just gonna be taken off sale you better stop making your game so corporate based or the community’s going to leave you, you’ll become bankrupt. No one would care for your company as a whole, if you remove R6 and classic faces I quit. I’ll tell everyone else to quit too I’ll make it global and I’ll file lawsuits against you guys. If you look in a game no one is using RTHRO SO STOP SHOVING IT DOWN OUR THROATS! NO ONE WANTS TO USE IT!!! MAYBE ACTUALLY RESPECT THE PLAYERS WHO MADE YOU A PLATFORM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Chill there buddy. They havent done the limiteds yet. You still have time to sell them off or something. No need to be so mad!

naw I’m sick and tired of this company ruining their website. If they remove R6 I quit. This company is a joke. I can’t even wear whatever I want I’m forced to wear what “they want” therefore this company is gonna go downhill and they’ll lose everything they’ve ever owned.

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They only use Rthro for their ADVERTISEMENTS. While they may be pushing Rthro on us, they aren’t forcing us to use it.

Also, isn’t USD-buying against the Terms of Service?

bruh you guys have bigger things to worry about

At this point you’re just being rude. I’d recommend you stop before you get a strike.

Oh no! cohen30 is going to leave Roblox because they are removing R6! Anyways…

get flagged

omg you unlocked imagepowers(free flag)

I like how when people have nothing to do in a situation they wanna involve theirself into a conversation they had no part in to begin with. Like wow, so mature omg

Fix your grammar.