We’ve Rebuilt Sponsored Games!

  1. Clearly the 0,0,0 Stats is a visual bug
  2. Too many people use sponsored ads now, which causes demand overflow, meaning the impressions you expect now will always be lower.
  3. Are you even clicking all the boxes? obviously your impressions will be lower if you just select like male users age <13 etc etc

The new Sponsor system doesn’t work correctly… Could we get the Robux refunded so when the system does work we can use it then?

It isn’t a visual bug.
Literally no visits came from it either. I ran the ad before with the exact same targeting and it got impressions.


I ran this over 6 hours ago, and it’s now it’s the next day. No impressions, no clicks, no nothing. It appears I’m not the only one experiencing this issue either.

Do we get refunds, and is this being fixed? I spent approximately 50K for 5 days of sponsoring. What is going on?


I thought the plan was to move all new creator services to create.roblox.com, all under the new dashboard or “home”, but yet they have incorporated the new administrative panel into the main site, under Discover - Roblox?

It all seems a bit messy currently, like usual. It’s like all these teams at Roblox HQ aren’t cooperating with each other and just doing their own “thing”.

All creator features should be in one place. I can’t remember what was said in the RDC, but the plan is to fully remove roblox.com/develop in the near future? So, once that happens, I’d have to go to create.roblox.com to then get redirected to Discover - Roblox

If a existing service or new service is being developed, such as the rebuild of the sponsored games, they should’ve just waited until the baseline for the dashboard has been completed, or waited until whatever the plan is.


I’m sorry, but I think your argument is silly. Gender is an important thing when it comes to marketing your product/game. Because of this, it gets developers more chances of getting a high CTR.
The information on who joins their game is completely private, each individual who clicked on it is not visible to the advertiser.
This doesn’t hurt anybody and is not visible to anybody at all. Almost nobody is using it for malicious intent, and I don’t think a few bad apples should be the ones to dictate whether this update should go out or not.


That is impressions-Amount of people seen.
Clicks-Who clicked on add-
Click through rate-Clicking rate
CPC is something related to buying after seeing an add
Attributed plays is plays from that
Conversion rate and CPP I do not know.

The issue for everyone appears to occur when we specify that we want a certain age or gender group.

I did a little test run on one of my tycoons and did 50,000 Robux each on Console in 1 day. 100,000 Robux total.
(One with all genders and ages)
(One with all genders and users <13)

The sponsorship with all genders and ages had DOUBLE the amount of impressions than my previous sponsorships of 50,000 Robux got. The rates were much higher, but I received the same amount of clicks. How can there be an additional 6 million impressions, (12 million total) but no drastic increase in clicks? All the other times I have had ~12 million impressions, I got ~65,000 Clicks) This time I got ~12,000. There is an issue here. It may have something to do with how the Games Page is now setup.

A larger issue though…

The sponsorship with all genders and only <13 was HORRIBLE It supposedly had 3 million impressions with 50,000 Robux spent, but only 1.7k clicks… I’ve gotten more clicks in the past when I spent 1k Robux. This cannot be an issue regarding the rates because these sponsorships were done at the same time and day.

I am not looking for a refund, but rather spreading awareness.

The age/gender specifications seem to have an issue and the impression rates appear skewed. When all ages and genders are selected, the only issue may be the misleading impression rates and much lower click rates than before. Again, I believe the new Games Page is a part of the issue.


I am here to spread awareness about my experience with the new Sponsor System.

Similar to above, I attempted a Sponsor targeted at < 13 and another sponsor for <13 and13+. To be honest both of these Sponsors had a similar outcome which is great. I wasn’t expecting this after what @cZeuss stated above.

I’ve experimented with different amounts of funds ranging from 5,000 to 150,000 and I’m not exactly impressed with it. I think partly the reason we are not getting as many players is because Sponsors don’t seem to appear on the games page anymore. Players use to see Sponsors a lot because they show on the Popular Category but that category isn’t at the top anymore, it’s 4 rows down.

  • Recommended
  • Most Engaging
  • Up-and-Coming
    These 3 categories don’t seem to display Sponsors at all. This makes Sponsors close to useless in my opinion. I’m not sure if this is intentional or a bug but I hope to see Sponsors in these Categories in the future.

Heres some pictures of the stats I got from 4 different Sponsors:

5k Spent for 1 Day on Console

5k Spent for 1 Day on Phone

20k Spent over 2 Days for all Devices

150k Spent for 1 day on Computer

Honestly, I feel like I wasted a lot of Robux on this and I wouldn’t recommend spending Robux on Sponsors in hope to get players. Yes I did manage to gain 200 concurrent players but I feel like I should’ve had a lot more because before this update I got a lot more players from a 20k Sponsors.

I feel like Sponsors use to do so much better before this new change and the new Games Page layout.
Again, this is just my opinion and my experience and I am not asking for a refund.


I’m unable to find the new system. I’ve been on the creations page and everything. I am also in the beta program. Why can’t I find it?

Not trying to stir anyone up or anything, but I keep seeing discussion around Roblox’s decision to allow developers to target ads towards certain genders and I don’t see the issue. This is not something new, this is something virtually every platform uses. Google, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all of these platforms allow you to make an advertisement directed towards a certain gender and there is a good reason for it. Using gender as an analytic is incredibly useful for getting advertisements to the people it’s suppose to get to. If a game like Royal High wanted to push out an advertisement about one of their new updates to their mostly female audience, this feature would not only help the developers of the game, but the players themselves that didn’t know there was an update. And nowhere in this cycle is there any gender stereotypes being pushed. However I do think Roblox should allow users to choose more options for their gender when signing up, or not disclose that information entirely.

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Please fix sponsors. I believe sponsors became worse after the “Games” page got changed (correct me if I am wrong). The reason is because sponsors only appear in a couple of sections in the “Games” page. The sections which it appears are at the bottom of the “Games” page. For example, Most Engage section is at the top of the “games” page, but they do not show sponsors. The Popular section (which shows sponsors) got moved down. People usually look at the top sections of the “games” page. Advertisements are now way better than sponsors.

I know someone who put 150k Robux on sponsors and got max 250 concurrent players (with a decent icon). The game then went to around only 20 players after a day. Then after a couple of days he put 20k onto advertisements (with a decent ad) and got over 400 concurrent players. The players still remained after a day.


I do believe having a Target Audience feature is wonderful. I thought this was amazing when it was introduced but the main concern we have is that when you Sponsor 5k targeted towards 13> you get more Impressions than you would if you were to target <13. This shouldn’t be the case, it should give the same amount of impressions either way even if there is less people… It could just show multiple times for the same person? This is just my opinion on the situation.


For the love of god PLEASE fix the sponsor categories. This is literally the worst possible thing you could do to the development community. You have DESTROYED game discovery with this update. I was planning to release my game over 2 weeks ago but due to this we can’t do anything!

I know you guys in developer relations and the engineers are reading our posts, so why aren’t you saying anything? This is horrible! If you’re implementing a fix, or at least trying to find a solution then please notify us, be transparent! People are still losing tons of money due to your shitty system. :sweat:


Can anyone give an update on the impression rate being so low? Has this been resolved or addressed? I’ve avoided sponsoring my games without knowing that I’m not going to totally waste all my robux to receive half the impressions I usually would.


The sponsoring system has turned into an inefficient money pit for developers for at least month now. In most cases we earn less money than we spend due to catastrophically low CTR. Even with a well monetized & decently made game.

There are still a ton of developers who don’t have the new Sponsor system (myself included). It’s been several weeks and I am still stuck with the ol’ dated system of having no customization of my sponsoring. Can this be rolled out faster please?

And now we need an absurd amount of money to get any exposure. 100k Robux will barely get us 300+ players now.

My game, Tower Defenders, used to hit 2.4k concurrent players with sponsors during a time where I had;

  • Less content
  • Horrible monetization
  • Buggy & awful gameplay
  • Lower ratings
  • Very high crash rates
  • Hideous UI

And now my game has become a polished flagship of quality and hard work. Ratings are higher, monetization is better, more content, less bugs, better gameplay. People love the game more than they used to.

And now I can barely scratch 600 concurrent players with sponsoring.

My new sponsorship stats post-updates

My old sponsorship stats pre-update to the game page

I have seen countless posts of complaint and despair that this obviously broken system has been getting lackluster attention and isn’t being fixed. Many developers in this ann. post alone are getting quite literally scammed out of hundreds to thousands of dollars because of outages / bugging out, or how inefficient the new system is.

The game page has now become once again, You get to the top, you stay at the top. Currently, game discoverability is abysmal compared to what it used to be a few months ago.

:arrow_double_up:Just a few replies in this ann. post alone found just by skimming for 30s :arrow_double_up:

:arrow_double_down:Now here’s a handful of posts I found quickly researching how people feel about the current state of sponsoring & game discoverability :arrow_double_down:
Here’s one, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another… and on and on it goes.

I love Roblox, and I love being able to make people happy with my games. And to be able to support a living using this awesome platform I grew up on…

But something is very wrong here. We need a fix and we need it fast.


I feel like having an options is better than having no options, I mean I sometime think I agree there should be no gender-targeting. But because I think that way, should everyone else be like me and I should take away their options. I would rather not. We should allow to let people choose.

This feature is now available to all developers. As a reminder, you will have access to the old sponsored ads reporting until at least December 31, 2020.


Alright so the old sponsor method is back therefore there wont be any issue with not having any impressions correct?

Please. Listen to us. I know I sound like a broken record here, and personally I don’t care how annoying I have to be. Please consider readding sponsors into all of the front page sorts. Or, at the very least, have a sense of transparency with us and explain to us why you won’t? We aren’t unreasonable people, please treat us as such.