We’ve Rebuilt Sponsored Games!

Will targeted advertisements expand to banner and skyscraper ads? Perhaps also include the option to target based on genre interests in the future.

I really think it would be useful to add a “run again” like the old system had where you could take out funds and then run the sponsor again manually for 10,000R$ for example. But currently I have to make a new sponsored ad for everytime I am going to sponsor.

I don’t take out funds like 200,000R$ to spend on 20 days because I do it manually and I know a lot of people do aswell. Please add this feature so we can re-run completed sponsors.


To any fools that think that this update is inherently sexist, ask yourself one thing. Would it be a smart business decision to advertise a salon game to all audiences? No. I doubt more than 1 boy average would click it if you advertised your aesthetic group or salon group to 5k people. Would women join your military group? Statistics save money.


Whether you want to admit it or not, the reality is that generally male and female audiences are attracted to different types of games. This also isn’t restricting any gender from playing certain games, all it means is that they’ll see ads that statistically they’ll be more likely to play. Removing stereotypes is good and all but quite frankly genders do exist and much of the time they do have a say in what we do and enjoy, including the games we play. I also understand your point that profits shouldn’t be prioritized over morals but this system will likely make it more easily for individuals to find games that they’ll enjoy, so its a kind of win-win scenario. As for the smaller group that may not like many of the games their being advertised based off their gender, as I said earlier they can choose to play whatever they want and this isn’t really limiting them in any way. Everyone should feel comfortable on the Roblox platform but shouldn’t changes be made to make the largest possible amount of people happy (as long as the effect won’t be too negative for those who do not fit into this group.)

Not sure if I’m just very dumb or this is bugged for me…

"Start date must not be a future date" bug error???

I’ve looked everywhere and don’t know why this is happening or how to fix it.
Perhaps I overlooked something, please correct me. But I see no place to change what date it starts…

As I was writing this reply, it ended up working after I got that error message many times. I spam clicked it and it finally went through.

Edit: As I attempt to test Mobile & Console sponsoring. It still appears to give me the error. Spam clicking isn’t working.


Personally, the gender part is a great addition for me. When I want to advertise my barbie house tycoon game, I would kinda prefer if it was shown to female audiences.

I even looked at my games players, almost all of them are female.

Its not sexist, its just advertising.

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Having this issue as well. I’m hoping someone will look into this.


I spent 20k on ads in a game prior to this update, and I got 100 concurrent players out of it. I run 30k now and only get 12 concurrent players. Amazing scam roblox, you did it again.

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The old system was an inconvenient mess that threw sponsored ads at anyone randomly. Now, developers can target demographics for maximum reach and clicks. IMO, nothing was bad about this update. Please be specific about your opinion.

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Did you ever get a campaign out of this ad run?

I had the old ad system at the time (within a few days of your ad run) and I know that my runs went through. Was there a glitch with showing the new sponsors before everyone had them?

I’m not staff so I can’t refund you, but did they ever help you out if this campaign never ran for you?


That’s quite genderist. My nephew is male and loves dolls just as much as he loves cars. Just an hour ago he was playing Fashion Famous on my phone.

I’m all for this age targeting, but gender targeting is pushing us backwards rather than forwards.

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I am also getting an error which states “Start date must not be a future date”

Can we get some eyes on this? It is completely bricking me out from using any sponsored ads on any game.

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yes they did system was messed up


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To overcome this “error”, you will need to refresh your page multiple times and re-try to run the sponsor with all the settings you have enabled.


I’m also having this issue.

I’ve noticed if you wait 1 minute after the scheduled time, you are able to run the sponsor properly.


As we continue to make improvements to Sponsored Games, we are happy to announce two additions:

  • We have added placements for ads into the majority of the sorts on the Games page. Advertisers may see an increase in impressions in their ad campaigns starting today!

  • Shortly, we will launch improved reporting for “attributed plays.” We will report “post click attributed plays” and “post view attributed plays” separately. This higher level of granularity in reporting will help our developers better understand the performance of their Sponsored Games.


Thank you for finally addressing this! You guys are awesome


This was a much-needed change to remediate the issues with the loss of players due to the lack of impressions being received. Thank you.


This is a great change! Happy to see some of the devs’ feedback being used!