We Need an Underage (13) User Detection Bot

Important Note:

Before you read this, please hear me out. Roblox moderation does their best spending users who are under age seeing as it is the law and we’re not here because we like to bully people. Legal due to COPA users cannot be under 13 and have any form of Social media, messaging service and more. This is for their safety…

PS: Please if you’re under age please don’t use this as a method of avoiding moderation. Just request DET to remove you and let them know when you become of age in the same request message.


I’m aware Staff does their best to suspend users under 13 year of age. However on a daily basis myself and other Developers who see a user under 13 have to manually report them do DET. Not only is this inefficient it also allows more time for it to be reviewed and the underage user is question has more time to be on here which isn’t allowed. So I believe come up with a solution.

My Solution:

Most of us know any user who was “web” instead of “www” are under age. Seeing as this is a red flag a bot could pick up a user who has used the abbreviation “web” and send a notification while the bot puts the account in question on a read only hold until they review the user.


This is a pretty simplistic approach but I believe it will work.


I feel like this is a good idea. It would help protect the people that happen to stumble across the developer forum.


If a link contains web.roblox.com it should be forwarded to DevEngagementTeam for further review. While it is actually quite rare there are some cases where a 13+ might copy a link from a <13 user so a 13+ ends up posting a web.roblox.com link when they are actually 13+. And I fear <13 users might be smart enough to remove the web from their links to not get caught, it is possible some are already doing this :confused:


Yes it is quite possible users might post another web link without noticing it, however that is why we need some sort of investigation which DET already does to being with. Also I do agree some users might already be using “www” to not get caught, however this might get some users who are new and don’t really know.

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Somewhat this should be a thing and I agree with a bot to detect certain accounts and alternatives that are under the recommended age, however, some children make their accounts over 13 but actually are not that required age on the platform and real-life instead. This has resulted in many problems and children not following the rules and recommended age for the professional forum itself.

Yea, if you search up the link itself on the “Search Bar”, you can see a ton of posts and topics containing these links and somewhat is terrible for the forum and what makes the quality, "lowered’ in my opinion.

There needs to be less transparency and strict guides on users who lie and try to enter the forums on a alternative and mains that are over 13+ but really aren’t on Roblox. Somewhat impossible but will be great to have.


I am pretty sure that devrel has a “you can’t access this page” option for those who are under 13. I’m not sure cus I don’t have an account to test it with.


They do. But what kids do is they will make an alt and set the age of the alt to 13+. Since they ae still logged into their main on roblox.com but on the alt on devforum.roblox.com they will be linking web.roblox.com links on devforum.


Maybe just not allow under 13 roblox accounts on the DevForum? Like a message saying “You must have a 13+ Roblox account to gain access to the forums.”

This is the case already.

As I said,


The only problem is that this is not always the case. I know someone that is currently 13 years old but they accidentally set their Roblox account to under 13. It wouldn’t be fair to have them just slapped with a ban after making an alternate account so they could access the forums, even if they are 13+.


They aren’t banned from the forums, they just aren’t allowed to log in.

This doesn’t happen


Have the system auto flag any url prefixed web.roblox.com

big :brain:


I mean I literally know them in real life so apparently it did happen :roll_eyes:

Then they can wait until their account turns 13 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It is hard for staff to recognize underage, because Roblox’s main age group is 8-16, you can likely tell most of them are under 13, but all of those people set their age to be over 13, because they don’t want to have to deal with the regulations Roblox sets for under 13.

If someone uses .web in their Roblox links, their account is under 13, just to clear that up (A lot of people think .web means someone on mobile, maybe a different browser, or region, but no it means under 13.

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Kind of OT but also out of curiosity, who thinks that? A lot of people here didn’t say that?

Never did I say the people “here” thought .web meant the ways I listed.
From 5 years on Roblox, I know that tons of people thought people who use .web were on mobile, different browser, region, whatever.

This suggestion doesn’t make sense.

If I copied a link from someone else that had web.roblox.com in it, and posted it on the forums then I would be flagged under review.

How would they determine I am under 13 from that? Spelling? What if English isn’t someone’s native language?


pretty sure they can check your birthday on roblox.com, otherwise how do they remove users for being underage


Because everyone honestly puts their serious birth date on their account.