We need Better security


idk know if this the topic i should use so if this is wrong topic please tell me

so if you don’t know there been some weird posts lately like how to script the racism but what nothing compared to what i just saw. so my feature request is better security. like maybe you have to work harder for to be a member or like maybe like certain words being banned?


Idk how people become a member in 2 days, it took me 2 months and 10s of hours of reading the devforum to become a member.


we need better security or things like these gonna keep on happening

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Certain words are already banned, and I don’t think becoming a member by working harder could improve security. I’d rather suggest to get some more moderators.

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i mean words such as the D WORD(not saying it bc i dont wanna get banned) just saw a post on the right way to suck it thats how bad it is

I think words such as these are already banned.

Well, It took me about 4-5 hours to get promoted to member, Which seems too easy.

I honestly do think the devforum needs better security or atleast make it harder to get trust level 1.
There have been too many of these troll posts, but you could simply flag it and move on.

Post-approval could actually be useful again, To prevent these trash spam topics in #development-discussion and other categories. I am also tired of having to flag so many off-topic or troll posts in #development-discussion.


did you also see most of these bad topics seem that they are from alts

2 months after I joined the devforum and after literally 10s of hours of reading 100s of posts I got promoted to member

clearly not

These are random oddballs, 99.9% of the devforum is fine, mods just have to eliminate the .1% and we have to ignore it and not make such a big deal. All these posts and topics talking about it only make the troll want to do it more, that’s the exact reason they do it, for attention.


d word is not banned if you try it gonna work i mean why is this not banned

why would they do that if they gonna be banned right after?

Because they are alts, the account that did it was made 2 days ago. For all we know it’s a prominent member on the forum. Maybe it’s even Shedletsky.


The post was on #development-discussion which is a private catagory that is only visible to members and regulars.

Alot of words are not banned because you can use them to express yourself:

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we should ban words related towards sexual topics

We should ban all bad and offensive words.

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True, words pointing towards sexual topics shouldn’t really be needed to emphasize anything.


It’s not about banning words, trolls can get around filters. That’s very clear with the Roblox chat filter.

The problem is the trolls themselves, if we all ignored them (which let’s be honest won’t happen) and let the mods delete them as they come. They would go away and go somewhere else to troll.

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I completely agree, seeing what just happened (if you know you know). Roblox needs to add some sort of security update to battle these trolls.

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If we’re talking about serious violations, then you’re right. But every day, for example, I see portfolios put in #collaboration:recruitment, or #development-discussion posts that are completely off-topic.

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doing that wont fix the problem

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