We need Better security

i see you saw it too. maybe we could ip ban i know there vpns or something but whos gonna go through all that trouble just to get attention for ten mins?

You have a good point, which is why a lot of replies on troll topics are encouraging people to report and move on. But lets be real here, some people are going to ignore that and just reply. Which in return is giving the trolls more fuel to continue trolling.


That’s my other point, the community won’t ignore it. People will always make a big deal about it like now with this one.

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i agree on what you say but we should still have some more security

I don’t know who would go through the trouble. As I said they are immature and vpns are not that complicated nowadays anyway.

Here’s an idea I am promoting,

If a topic gets arbitrary number amount of flags, it gets hidden until a mod sees it. Not hidden as in you can press a button to unhide it, hidden as in the topic is not visible until a mod unhides it.

Because if it was just for 1 flag, people would abuse it and hide perfectly fine posts. But if it gets lets say 10 flags or even 5 flags, it’s likely to be a bad post.

I definitely agree with having more security on the DevForum such as filtering sexual words because nobody should be using those type of words, but no matter how much security the DevForum has, if people keep giving the trolls attention they will keep trolling.

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Please just support these existing requests


exactly my idea, thanks for finding these posts.

Edit: I read it and it’s not exactly my idea but it’s a similar concept, one or both could be implemented and it would greater enhance the quality of topics created


i agree users should be punished harder for there actions but what’s the point if there alts

That’s where my idea comes in, this way it wont matter how many accounts they make

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the title should also be censored

Accidently deleted this post, but basically to sum up what I said, just end it here.

it should also be in the post for members on how to deal with these trolls

We NEED it
NEED not want

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These words are already banned

The four letter word that starts with an F can be considered “extreme”, and any words relating to inappropriate topics are banned too.

they arent i just saw a title with the D word they didnt have to do any thing to bypass it
full tittle: how to suck the D WORD the right way

There is no filter on the DevForum, as you are expected to follow the rules and not post those words. The person who posted that is probably permanently suspended from the DevForum.


yeah but it was an alt no robux was on it and he was a member

Either way, that person most likely got three strikes and is now not allowed on the DevForum.

but his real account probably still roams the forum never to be known