We need help with our group

So @GENESIS_GAMINGYT1 and I were going to make a school for developers with live classes and such, and we made a post about it asking for suggestions. Turns out the day we release applications for the school another school that we had no Idea existed launched a huge ad campaign spanning multiple days. Most of you have probably heard of the school now as it now has a front page game - Roblox Developer Hangout. This has cost us to lose all of the attention for our school which still now only has one member and no applications. We were utterly crushed by this and now probably won’t be able to continue with our school. We would like any help or opinions you might have on how we can even be able to start this school back up.


Just make it better than the other one. People will prefer the better one


Well, this is how competition works.

There’s always going to be another person doing the same thing you are, I have had the same issue with my own groups.

You may ask how I managed to overcome this, and it’s simply by focusing on my own things and becoming the better option. If you have a better group, more people will prefer it. I would also ensure you do not try reaching out, threatening, or trying to make deals with the other group as 9/10 times this results in arguments and disagreements which will tear apart your group.

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Sir I would like to join the school, can I pay my tuition?

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Maybe try and find people on the dev forum who would like to join. Because I would! :grinning:
Or maybe play games that new developers might play, and ask them to join. :smiley:

Spam advertisements, sponsors, and talk to big groups

Word of mouth is the biggest advertisement you will ever get, make someone be good at creating Games on Roblox, then he will tell a friend and etc. etc.