We Need More Report Options

What do you mean by that?

Just press the something else button lol. There are much larger priorities for the forum than an extra button.

I know that there are bigger priorities, but almost always, how good something is is in the small details, and I never said that thsi is a feature that should have top priority

It’s really not needed. Just press “something else”. There aren’t many flags a day anyway.

Yea but still, this feature may still be useful

I’ve said all that’s needed for my argument. No point in continuing to rabble on repeating the same arguments.

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Ok, and I said everything for mine

Why? People should be reading the rules.

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What dog ku mean with a screenshot?

I suppose you’re Turkish. Completely guessing (by your name), so I’ll just reply in both languages.
“Something Else” e basarak en üstte görünen 3 seçenekten başka şeyleri söylebilirsin.
By pressing that button, you can say something else other than the 3 options shown above.

I’m not Turkish, but I know that something else is for that, but it should be sued for things that’s are not common, like duplicates and wrong category, becaus @moderators have to tread it, and this makes them not take action on other flags, or makes then take more time to answer the other flags

Also if you want my main language is Italian

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Then, use the Something Else option.

“Dede” means “Grandpa” in Turkish. I just guessed.

Yes, but my main point is that if you use the something else option, then @moderators have to read it, and check the topic, while if you use on rod the tree, they will check it only sometimes, from waht I know, and because duplicates and wrong category are so common, this makes @moderators attention not go directly to where there’s people swearing, for example, and also the wrong category thing could simply have a bot that moves it to the right category, without the need to eliminate it

Coincidences :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Replied like 3 minutes after I reported ^

You are supposed to type what’s wrong

*also you’re wasting everyone’s time. everyone agrees you can just press something else and it’d have the same effect as choosing the 3 options above. youre trying to justify blatant ignorance (by not listening to us at all)

Yeah, I feel this will be helpful for DevForum mods. But they check the post anyway…

Hey @Dede_4242 when you flag a post, moderators see a similar thing whether it is one of the fixed options or whether you pick “Something Else” with an additional explanation. There is no real difference in moderator workload between these two cases. Discourse automates the response messages to these flags so the moderators are not actually manually typing those responses to the flag messages. Appreciate your consideration here though!

When any of the existing options do not match your flag, feel free to type the reason into “Something Else” to give the moderator team more context to work with.

I’ll forward this feedback, thanks. We are also addressing this problem by working on reducing distinctions between trust levels and simplifying some descriptions around the forum to make it easier to post in the right place to start.

Let me know if this addresses all your concerns here.


Oh, I don’t know, nobody really knows what a @moderator sees except @moderators, and thanks for comsiderijg to move categories, as from what I know you never move topics, thanks!
Also yes, this addresses all of hy concerns about this (for now)

Then… report it and press something else… like I said, if you had, like reading the rules, read the rest of my replies.

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