Weapon animations look fine when played on dummy but completely bug out when replicated on player in game

Im having issues with some animations, all other animations for the rest of my game worked completely fine but for some reason the one animation i spent the most time on bugs out in game.

animations when played in editor on dummy:

equip anim:

idle anim:

here are anims when played in game:

i tried using the pivot point editor on my rig but i got no where, and when playing the animation with a different weapon it still replicated the same bug.

how i rig the weapon:

Weapons.Scythe = function(Character)
	local M = Instance.new("Model")
	M.Name = "Weapon"
	M.Parent = Character
	local Folder = game.ServerStorage.Weapons:FindFirstChild("Scythe")
	local Sword = Folder.Rig.Sword:Clone()
	for i,v in pairs(Sword:GetChildren()) do
		if v.Name ~= "Handle" then
			local rig = Instance.new("Motor6D", v)
			rig.Part0 = Sword.Handle
			rig.Part1 = v
			rig.C0 = Sword.Handle.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(v.CFrame)
	local rig = Instance.new("Motor6D", Sword.Handle)
	rig.Part0 = Character["Right Arm"]
	rig.Part1 = Sword.Handle
	rig.C0 = Folder.Rig["Right Arm"].CFrame:ToObjectSpace(Sword.Handle.CFrame)
	Sword.Parent = M
	Weapons.SetScythe(Character, true)

please help. if any additional info about how the game is setup and stuff in studio is needed please let me know and i will reply.

Set animation priority to action and also use moon animator 2 to animate

Try disabling the AnimationWeightedBlendFix on the Workspace properties.

animatons were made in moon animator im simply using roblox animation editor to showcase them

i already tried this, shouldve noted it above.

as undeaddog67934 mentioned, this seems to be an issue with animation priorities, cause when you’re previewing the animation on an NPC, its likely that they’re only playing your animation, but when you play them on a player character, they’re already playing animations with the same animation priority (like Idle), making them play and overlap the two anims at once.

the idle animation is played on .Stopped of the equip animation. and i already had the priorities right from the beginning. when the idle is being played that is the only animationtrack on the player and yet the scythe is horribly misaligned.