Weaponry Private Server Commands

Weaponry: Weaponry - Roblox
Update logs: Weaponry Update Log

All Commands:

/force map
/force teammode
/force inf
/force end


How to use:

Set the next round’s map / team mode / game mode:
/force map [map codename]
/force teammode [team mode codename]
/force gamemode [game mode codename]

Map Codename list:

  • altitude
  • constructionsite
  • containerdocks
  • crossroads
  • debugger
  • doomspire
  • nostalgiaforest
  • nuketown
  • rainwater
  • throwback
  • sandstorm
  • yacht
  • test (Private servers exclusive)

Team Mode Codename list:

  • ffa
  • tdm

Game Mode Codename list:

  • standard
  • meleemadness
  • gungame
  • doubleshot

Example: Forcing next round’s map to be Rain Water

  • /force map rainwater

Example: Forcing next round’s map to be Team Deathmatch

  • /force teammode tdm

Example: Forcing next round’s team mode to be Melee Madness

  • /force gamemode meleemadness

A server message should appear after executing the :force command.
This command will also neglect the voting results.

Set the round timer:
Only to infinite / ending a round (can only be used during game session).
/force inf
/force end

Pause / Unpause the round timer:

Set a player’s team:
/setteam PlayerName TeamColor

Example: Set Headstackk to Blue Team
/setteam head blue

Set a player’s health:
/health PlayerName amount

Example: Set Headstackk’s Max Health to 2000
/health head 2000

Example: Set everyone’s health to 1
/health all 1

This command can also set player’s health to their max health.
Example: Set everyone’s health to their max health
/health all max

Set Max health:
This sets the max health of all players. All players will spawn with this max health.
/maxhealth amount

To reset the max health, simply use the command without a parameter.

Enabling / Disabling Auto Healing:
Set whether auto-healing is enabled for all players in the server.

Using this command will toggle between “Enabled” and “Disabled”.
Disabled: Players will not heal after taking damage.
Enabled: Players will heal after taking damage. When re-enabling, players without full health will begin to heal after few seconds.

Set health heal on elimination:
Set the amount of health gain on elimination.
/elimheal amount

Example: Make players gain 100 health on elimination:
/elimheal 100

Example: Make players restore full health on elimination:
/elimheal max

To reset the heal amount, simply reuse the command without a parameter,
i.e: /elimheal.

Set health heal on assists:
/assistheal amount
Same usage as /elimheal (above).