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5/21: New Revolver: PEACEMAKER



The Colt Single Action Army is a single-action revolver. It can be fan-fired rapidly and output high damage in the matter of milliseconds. However it comes with a swift and heavy recoil.

- New Private Servers Commands:

  • health: Set a player’s health amount.
    E.g: /health player 2000 Player will get 2000 health.

  • /autoheal: Toggle the server’s auto-healing players option.
    Set whether auto-healing is enabled for all players in the server. Using this command will toggle between “Enabled” and “Disabled”.

    • Disabled: Players will not heal after taking damage.
    • Enabled: Players will heal after taking damage. When re-enabling, players without full health will begin to heal after few seconds.
  • /elimheal: Set the amount of health gain on elimination.
    /elimheal 100 Players will gain 100 health on elimination.
    /elimheal max: Players will restore full health on elimination.
    To reset the heal amount, simply reuse the command without a parameter, i.e: /elimheal

  • /assistheal: Set the amount of health gain on assist. Same usage as /elimheal.

  • Click Here to view all Private Server Commands.

Weapon Adjustment:

  • UTS-15:
    Headshot Multiplier: 1.8 > 1.7 (171 > 162)

4/1: WEAPONS SIMULATOR. :question:



Stats of each weapon will be swapped with a random weapon. What weapon combination will you get this time?

  • Unlike last year, this year it returns as a game mode. It replaces standard during 4/1 - 4/3
  • Standard Mode will return in 4/3 and Weapons Simulator stays as a voteable game mode until 4/9.
  • Other game modes (e.g: Double Shot, Gun Game) can still be played as normal.
  • Standard mode can be forced in private servers.
  • Semi Automatic Weapons that were swapped to be an Automatic have their firing sound volume reduced by 65%.

Stacky Plushy: Limited Time “Weapon”
Squishable, marketable, throwable.

  • Slow projectile weapon that deals moderate damage in all ranges. It has 1 bounce only and will NOT deal damage after hitting 1 object.
  • Extra granted weapon (spawn with weapon) in Weapons Simulator & Standard until 4/9.
  • Available until 4/15.

Available during 4/1 - 4/15.

Throw the marketable plushy around. Please be gentle. It has feelings.

  • Plushy only - Everyone has the same weapon!
  • Lasts for 6 minutes.
  • Melees disabled.
  • Limited Time - Available during 4/15.

MAP: BUGGED returns.

bugged lol fix ur game

  • Replaces Debugger until 4/15.

Bug fixes & Improvements:

  • Weapons can now bounce on trampolines / bouncers again.
  • Force Fielded players in spawn are no longer collideable. Meaning they can not be pushed out of spawn.
  • Fixed damage tag numbers disappears immediately on ragdolls if ragdolls are off.
  • Fixed bullet holes not replicating to other clients on damageable objects.
  • Improved ragdolls constraints and collisions.

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