Weapons Kit Headshot System

I’ve been modifying the Weapons Kit quite a bit lately. I’ve already changed most of the things. My modified Weapons Kit is much better now, but how could I do a double damage headshot system? What scripts should I change and what within them? I was already trying to do it, but I failed.


Could you explain what a “double damage headshot system” is?

If I shot player’s head, it should deal him twice as much as on the other parts of player’s body.


Well, depending on how you have your scripts set up,

  1. Use a Touched, so that when the part hits the player, the bullet determines if the name of the part that touched it was Head.

If it was, using some kind of predetermined variable which is the normal amount of damage dealt, multiply that variable by two, and deal the damage.

  1. If the server handles the bullet movement, do the same thing, but from the server script.

Hi! I’ve been thinking on adding that system to my game too! Even knowing this, where is the script or changes supossed to be placed in? It’s good to know i’m not alone doing this hard thing since i suck at it! :sweat_smile:.

Also there is a function called DoDamage inside WeaponSystem (Modulescript) which is the one that deals the damage, could we add it or double it when the head part is touched by the bullet entity?