Weather engine 1.0 | Customisable weather system and day/night cycle plugin | 50% off first month

I’d rather take the modules and figure out the values myself than have to use some plugin interface. That’s all.

You don’t have to use the interface. You could edit all scripts, because when you press initialize button it spawns all the scripts and modules in serverscript service and replicated storage. The only script it doesn’t spawn is the plugin interface script.

And you can manually edit the preset values and create new ones by editing the CustomWeatherPresets module. I will make it more clear and maybe add more comments that this is possible and how to do it. I can answer more questions if you have any :slight_smile:

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I can’t make it for robux, coz roblox changed it. And I don’t think selling through gamepass and sending it manually is worth it and maybe against the rules, but idk.

This is the best rain I’ve seen in any Roblox game :star_struck:

Thanks. It will get even better when I get more suggestions on what to improve from other people :slight_smile:

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If it’s not a feature already, you should make it so we can change the color of the lightning. I imagine this is most definitely already something you can do but being able to choose the color of rain/ash/snow/etc, as well as textures for them would be nice, too!

You can change everything: lightning, rain particles, etc. Because I take models from replocated storage and you can make custom rains and stuff. You just have to change the name in the weather preset if you made new rain/lightning model or you can just change the existing models and it will work.

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It would help if you redid how the rain works as it causes a lot of lag. Perhaps you could use Buildthomas’s Rain Module.

Rain Module

You can change how fast rain position updates and how many particle tiles are spawned. You can even reduce the amount of particles if you go to replicated storage and change the weather tile preset.

this plugin looks so cool. i wish plugin purchase was available on my country

I’ve done that, but it still drops frames and doesn’t look good. That rain module is the best bet and still allows you to choose what particle textures you want and is much easier to use.

I will research it and I might add a performance mode if it works well. On what device it drops frames?