Web API Documentation To Replace API Consolidated Page

It is currently exceptionally difficult for developers to find information regarding Roblox web APIs. Often, we are forced to go to third-party sources (such as roblox-web-apis and BTRoblox) to find information on these APIs, which can of course lead to security issues for ill-informed users. Previously, Roblox provided a consolidated page that listed many, but not all, Roblox APIs. This page was of crucial importance, as it was a trustworthy Roblox-provided source of information. Unfortunately, this page went down a few months before the sunsetting of api.roblox.com was announced. The page has been down ever since, and developers now lack a Roblox-provided resource for API documentation. Although individual pages do exist (i.e. publish API), there is no page listing each domain. By creating a page to document all of Roblox’s web APIs, including those that were neglected by the consolidated page, developers will have a secure source of reliable and up-to-date information, rather than relying on word-of-mouth and third-party websites.