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What is BloxBan

BloxBan is a web-based panel that allows you & your team to better create, track & more your bans with a better and easier alternative when moderating your games.

API Documentation

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Moderation Tab

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  • Is this free to use?
    Technically YES but there is a threshold of 0.0002 per request meaning its free up to 25000 requests

  • What counts as a request?
    For every HTTP request is sent using your panels [ Console Key ]

  • How many bans can a game have?
    Unlimited there is no cap on the number of bans your place can have

  • How many staff members can be added to your panel?
    Unlimited, the more staff members that are helping moderate your game the better :wink:

  • Will this be OS?
    Yes and No, the idea is to have the scripts like the Javascript side / Lua side be OS so it can be improved on by the community

– Read more on our discord

BloxBan Stats

- 12,233,244,329

- 15,732

- 827

Added note

I’ve worked so hard on this over the last couple of months this project started from my first ban panel under the studio " YulxVol " but I wanted to make this system its own identity ( BloxBan ), I have learned so much over about 3 years and have loved every moment of it and I hope you will too!

– IAmVolvic


image (Home)
image (Account)
None of these buttons work.

You really should offer more login options than just Discord. A Roblox ban panel should not have to rely on Discord.


They are disabled since I haven’t gotten around to doing that

Will be adding more options for signing in the future.

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At a glance, this looks pretty sick. The tutorial videos seem incredibly thorough, the UI + UX is clearly very clean, and it seems to really nicely balance function with range of options.

The last one sticks out a lot to me, since a lot of contributions that aren’t inventing something new (obviously, this isn’t the first attempt at a web-based ban panel) try to compensate by throwing a lot of features at the user and hoping they stick. This, however, is very ‘to-the-point’ and well-polished, even in the early stages without all of the bells and whistles. It’s also useful - directly interfacing with Discord, built-in search (so it’s not a constant chase to pull up user profiles and move relevant information over), team integration, audit log, etc.

Really excited to see how this develops!


Yoo this look’s so cool! Does this need credit? I have a another question on they payment like do I have to pay with real money?


Thank you so much, yea I didn’t want to overwhelm the end user with loads of features

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This is super cool and a great way to manage a lot of stuff pretty easily. I will be using this in the future.


Hey @o0Volvic0o are you planning to make bloxban fully free?

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Dang it. My school district’s filter blocks your website. I’ll try it out at home then.

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Atm no, I don’t want to be responsible for the user’s credits.
And no sadly not it’s a lot more complicated using IRL money so sadly no.

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It is free to use, anyone can use it anytime.

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After using 2500 requests it will reset after 30 days so you get another 2500 requests? also if you hit the limit of 2500 can you purchase more requests?, this looks absolutely insane good job on it!


But are you planning to remove billing?

He’s providing a service, be glad that its free in any way at all.


This video explains it here:

You shouldn’t need to worry about that since it’s extremely affordable for pretty much everyone.

If you do a little math if you have at most 10 users every day at the end of the month at most you would pay like 5 to 10 robux.

So you shouldn’t worry about that.

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Thanks, I am a little confused tho

  1. so you get 2500 requests for free then if you go over 2500 at the end of the month it’ll lock your panel till you pay?
  2. when your panel is locked everyone will still be banned but you can’t access the panel to do things like ban, unban, add mods, remove mods, etc…?
  3. If you go over 2500 then you have to pay for each request from then on or does it like reset once you pay?
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1 Yes
2 Yes ( You just can’t edit bans and create/delete bans ) everything else is still accessible

3 Once paid everything is reset for the new month.


Do you mind providing the Billing place link please?

(I’m considering to buy plus)


Its free to add to your place no need for billing :smiley:

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If any of your Roblox games need a professional banning system, BloxBan is the way to go. I’ve worked with Volvic before and I have nothing negative to say, he’s professional, responsive, and always does high-quality work. You won’t be disappointed in this service or any future work from this studio.