Website chat doesn't allow me to chat with new friends ("An error occurred")

Hello, I’ve been experiencing this website bug again lately (The first encounter was yesterday), whenever someone accepts my friend request/Or I accept their request when the individual gets added to my friend’s list and the ‘Unfriend’ and ‘Chat’ option appears on their profile when I click ‘Chat’ and try to send them a message, like a simple greeting, the error occurs, this glitch only seems to occur for PC users, I tried to refresh the page as well. (Though when I tried to message my new friend on mobile, the error did not occur.)

Thank you for your time.


Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.49.46 PM

Recently, I have been unable to talk to other people using the website chat feature on roblox because of this error. Some more info;

  • Happens across multiple devices and accounts
  • I use google chrome and am positive that extensions have nothing to do with this
  • I’ve tried clearing cache data and stuff like that
  • Saying something with this error still appears in the sidebar, and stays until the page is refreshed (idk if this is relevant but whatever)
    Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.52.13 PM

As per usual, I was playing Roblox on the weekend with my friends. I left the game then I couldn’t talk to him for some reason, but he could to me! This had happened fairly recently and it won’t stop. The message is “An error occurred”. Nothing more than that. It’s still broken after 2 days.


The bug makes my website chat is rendered completely unusable on my account Auxigin.
It happens every single time I try to use the website chat, I’ve never seen this bug report anywhere on the internet, and I think it’s just for me.
There’s no way to prevent it or reduce it.
It happens on the website chat for all friends.
I do not know the reproduction steps.

System specs:
RTX 2070 Super
Intel i5 9900k
Asus Prime Z-390 A
16 GB ram


Hello! I am writing because I have noticed a possible bug in the site. I can’t message or chat with anyone. This bug happens when chatting with friends or sending messages to other people. When I chat, red text appears under the message that states, “An error occurred.” To it’s left, a spinny arrow loading sign appears. When I message someone, the green bar shows up that says, “Message sent successfully.” Course, when I go back to the inbox, instead of my reply coming before the rest of the text, it says that an error occurred. This started happening around a week ago.

Also this is my first post with an image so if it doesn’t work right or I release my IP address or something I blame builderman


Hey, I would like to know if anyone happen this problem? I can’t seem to say anything in chats anymore. It keeps saying an error occurred for everyone on my friendslist.


This just began happening to me now to everyone I try to chat with on the website. Even with friends, I’ve had for a very long time.


This seems to only be the case for google chrome, I just tried with safari and it worked fine.


Same for me been happening for about 3-4 days. What I have noticed is that I can send one message on safari and every message on google chrome will work for about day, then the next day it breaks again.


Thank you all for the detailed error information, we are investigating this issue.


I have this issue too. Tried logging in/out and messaging people I’d already chatted with/messaged me. I think @HabibiBean is right about it being only on Chrome. At least I’m using Chrome.


Notable thing to add to this conversation, I tried this on an alt. Still didn’t work. Only works when not on chrome. I think this is a connectivity issue between our PCs, Roblox, and Google.


Currently also happening to me. I don’t know when it started due to me never really using the Chat System. I recently started using the Roblox chat again to message someone. Note this isn’t due to adding someone new. It just randomly started happening. I’m thinking it might be a connectivity issue to Roblox servers and their chat system via chrome. Or just a problem with chrome entirely. Don’t quote me on this though. Privacy settings aren’t an issue and I’m also able to be chatted to.


I uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled it. I went straight into Roblox and logged in, and the chat is working. I didn’t log-in or sync.


Update 2

I logged in and sync’d, not having any problems yet. I’ll update with a response if it stops working in the next couple of minuets.

Update 3

I just woke up and it has stopped working once again. It looks like reinstalling chrome without syncing first was just a hot-fix for a second.


Interesting, I’m hoping they can solve it without making me do that because my chrome has non-synced entities attached to it (like bookmarks) that I’d rather not loose.


We can fix those issues by going to settings of roblox pages and set chat with no one then change it back. Press save and it should be fix for now at least.

Happened to me when I didn’t unfriend them. Although sometimes when I did, their chat would still be there for me, sometimes when I open a chat it comes on the very left of the screen with no background, 3 bugs in 1 post lol

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I tried this method, didn’t work sadly.


Does anyone know how long these hotfixes take to roll out typically?

It work for me multiple times are u sure u doing it right screen shot it.

Is anyone still experiencing this issue? Or has it gone away?


It’s still happening at the moment as I just wanted to talk to some friends on the website, still said the same error when opening it up for 5 users and saying “test”.

Here is an image of the issue: