Website Chat Notification That Never Goes Away

This is a different issues, and you should look for a different topic about this problem or if one doesn’t exist, make it yourself. The problem this topic is about is about the Chat Window.

I get this bug sometimes as well as another “bug”. I say it in quotes because its an intentional feature which is irritating. Whenever you invite lots of people to a game, it opens up every chat window on the website. Each time you load the website without clearing them away, they pop up lagging out the page. They tend to make the notification glitch start up again, which makes it worse.

Apparently BTRoblox has a fix for this.

After clicking that button, refresh the tab, or log out and log back in. It worked for me, as my notifications went from 59 to 0.

(Edit to upload video.)

(Some proof.)


Can confirm. One of the most annoying bugs.

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Don’t worry, this has been an issue since 2016 or before it. I’ve encountered it.

It only removed 4 of my 46 messages, I guess there are different types of invisible chat messages but I have no clue what causes them.

Oh, yes. Can confirm that this has happened to me. It’s kinda annoying.

Try logging out, disconnect your wifi then log back in.

This has not worked, I have had this issue for nearly a year now.

I have 2 pings from over a year ago and I don’t know where they are from. I have tried searching for them but without luck. Guessing I got the same bug

Hmm, the notifications suddenly disappeared. Notifications now show up correctly.

Notifications for messages are still appearing for me, even after reading them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like this issue was finally fixed?

Yesterday, I had about 30 or so unread notifications, and today I woke up to only 5. Although I had to go and look for the remaining 5 “unread” messages (even though I already read them previously) and just type something in the text box, which then marked it as read.

But hey, it’s back down to 0 now!


I think I have multiple versions of the bug because I managed to remove 20 from was from me viewing a message on my phone. But someone must have sorta fixed one of the problems because up until now I had 40 and it brought me back down do like 28. So still not sure what is going on.

I had this fixed too! I just clicked on the place where you type.

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I still have this bug. If I add someone new I have to message them to get rid of the notification, and if I recieve a message I have to type something in the message input to get rid of that one (sending isn’t needed, oddly enough)

I still have two unread chats however, despite having messaged everyone on my chat list, which is personally extremely irritating.

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How I beat the system on this if you have a phone/tablet you can go to messages then click on the dm chat and it will go away for you

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This is still an unfixed problem on Roblox’s end and everything above is correct lol. When you add someone as a friend it says you have a message from them :wink:

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The (#) in the tab title, chat badges, highlighting in the chat menu, etc. can get really annoying sometimes! I’ve only been able to fix these by replying! They only should be able to be cleared by merely reading them, marking them as read, etc.! What an inconvenience!

Bug has been around since the new chat design. Years later not a single staff member on Forum has yet to leave any input on the situation. :expressionless: