Website Chat Notification That Never Goes Away

On probably a 2 year streak here.

Yep, this still happens to me and even after a long time. It’s exactly 2 notifications just like SundownMKII said.

You can dismiss chat notifications by using this API

Getting hold of a chat code requires the use of Inspect Element, and then you’ll have to find the conversation id, shown here as 2275522654

If you then send a request by setting the endMessageId to a blank string, you’ll clear the chat notification for that chat converstaion

if you click this frame, it’ll auto format the text into the request field

The issue here is that this requires the use of an API and getting hold of conversation IDs. I wish Roblox would just add a ‘Mark as Read’ button to the chat window

I guess this is your only option until Roblox fix the issue


Can confirm I still have this problem of this day too.
To add upon it I also have friends popping up in my chat bar, theres a date next to it for instance 6th of may 2020, but when I check their profile said user has been offline for more than over 2 years. Where is this date coming from, and why is it so random?


I’ve had this problem repeatedly as well.
Upon using FilteredDev’s API suggestion, I did find it to work as a user-end patch. Hopefully roblox will implement a “Mark all as read” option soon, because this does get rather frustrating and annoying for those of us that dont like to have notifications pending on the platforms we use.

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this problem happens to me too, but I don’t know this is a problem or the chat system tells us to chat with a player after we friend with them. to say something like “Hello” or anything so the chat notification is gone.

before I say something to my friend I never chat in website or mobile chat (I only chat in-game)
after a chat with my friend (only one word for testing), the notification is gone.

EDIT: my friend text me back, and I’m already read the chat but notification not gone

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Can confirm that this is still happening.

It always happens when I add a friend and doesn’t go away until I text them in the Roblox Chat. I don’t use the chat at all, so I don’t do that.

Even when I open the chat and click all the chats. It is still there.

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Is there any updates on when this issue will be resolved I have 47 ghost notifications. Another step that I found that causes this to happen is if you click on a person who you have never spoke with or haven’t spoken to in years it will add a notification to the chat tab.

Yep… currently have 6 “unread” message notifications. It now sends me a notification if I get in teamcreate with someone, whether we actually chat on the site or not.

Can confirm. Have had to deal with this for over a month and is frustrating. EDIT: Forgot to mention on mobile.

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One interesting thing that it did to me:

I had 2 unknown notifications, with no conversations not unread. Then, someone sent a message to me, to which I replied, which removed one of the notifications. However, the chances of one of the notifications coming from that conversation are astronomically small, but it was interesting and I think it works because the bugged notifications don’t “exist” and when one of the notifications were supposed to go away, it took one out with it.

For some reason there is usually a chat window poppued up on my screen, despite there being no unread messages in the past months (or even years).


Then, looking at my chat, you can see the top message in the list is from 2016?

And when I click on the message from OKevinO, their username does not appear across the top - but it does for the other chats.

tl;dr Chat seems very broken on my account (AbstractAlex, Windows 10, Chrome)


For those who can’t stand it, I managed to lower the “unread” number by accessing the chats on mobile (didn’t work for all of them though… not sure why it is selective). Seems like there are inconsistencies there as well, but it might be worth a shot if it is bugging you every time you load a page.

Yes @AbstractAlex, it does this for me too. I have too, read the chat boxes and for some odd reason it still is showing it unread. I don’t certainly know if it’s technically a real bug, or if its a standalone missed chat message.

Very old forum. I can tell you that i’ve been dealing with having 21 notifications for a year now, and it’s really bugging me :slight_smile:
I’ve seen some codes on Pastebin with stuff to fix it, but that’s just suss and I’m not 100% dumb.

I am having a problem, finding my conversation id

I’d recommend downloading the ROBLOX mobile app and clearing your notifications from there. This does the trick for me as I’m experiencing this issue recently and I get somewhere around 30 notifications a day.


The bug still happens to this day. It’s really annoying that I’ve read the message and the notification stays still. I am experiencing this issue with Roblox Chat.

It doesn’t only happen in chat for me now, it happens on the notification too,
image This won’t go away. I tried a lot of ways. It stills keep increasing and never goes away
I have posted a bug report for this like a week ago, but it hasn’t been approved yet.


Screenshot_20200726-123539_Roblox and I can’t do anything with it lol even on mobile. My notifications on PC are also stuck, I’ve tried twice to fully read and the notification stay still.