Website Localizations

As a developer, it’s currently impossible to localize text on the website for other languages. With the newly added feature of Localizing in Studio to allow for Spanish speakers & others to smoothly play your game, it only makes sense that we should be allowed to have Game Titles and Descriptions that are localized for other languages. This way, as developers, we can help target our games more to other languages via having our title localized, or description with details about how to play or hot fixes localized to help the players that don’t speak English know what’s going on. I’d also like to see a few other things to add along to this, but unsure how smoothly they could really be added.

  • Localizing of Group Shouts/Group Descriptions
  • Localizing Asset descriptions/titles
  • Localizing Game Thumbnails/Game Icons

For these, the best course of action might just be allowing multiple boxes to place various Descriptions/Images into to be only displayed in certain countries.

Also, the addition of allowing Developers to hand pick which country an advertisement be displayed to would be extremely useful. This way a Developer can tailor make certain advertisements to be displayed in certain languages to attract various audiences.


Full support, amazing idea!


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to translate group details and/or logo. As the tools for Roblox game translation is becoming larger and larger, the localization on Roblox is becoming larger and larger too. Now, we’re able to translate whole games with ease - even images - but Roblox doesn’t provide functionality to translate your group description.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my group, group members and the overall
experience of Roblox users because the amount of players from the whole world become larger and larger and localization is getting a much higher priority than in the past. If we have our group localized, non-English players will be more involved in the group.

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I really support this! Mainly the group part is very handy for my community, since we have very much Dutch and English members.
What I like to add to this is a feature for on the group wall. Members have the abillity to type their message in all selected languages is they want to, but this is optional.