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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a multi-purpose developer. I can script, design UI, and build.
(My builds are not that high on the list, but I will charge only Small Asset or Medium asset)


The game that I am most impressed with is far is Bloxy Kart:

But I created some other games also

My own games

The Basic Elevator (Unsupported)
The Basic Elevator - Roblox

Jail City (Unsupported)
Jail City - Roblox

High Noon Hijack
High Noon Hijack - Roblox

Games I commissioned for in the past

SkyHigh Adventure Obby by @Mysterious8805:
SkyHigh Adventure Obby - Roblox

Ro-Labs by @PinkyPie729 and @Mysterious8805:
Ro-Labs (Summer 2021) - Roblox

The Obby Challenge by @Mysterious8805:
I was unable to find the game.

Open source stuff that I made

WE’s Robbery Kit
Releases · WEcompany36/WE-s-Robbery-Kit · GitHub

Games that are in development, but unfinished

Codename: Were All Animals
How can my "setting up the town scene" be improved?

Codename: Shindou (Jail City 2)



I am available for 3 to 8 hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me any time, but I can rarely work on the weekdays because of School. If I can, I will let you know.


I like getting paid in Robux. I would like to be paid after I complete the assignment for you. Note: I cannot script full games so here is my order form. Once you tell me what you want created, I will assign one of the following:

Scripting commissions:

Type of asset Payment Example
Bug fixes 10 :robux_gold: Fixing your placement system, as long as I don’t need to rewrite it. If I need to rewrite it, it would count as Entire systems.
Small Asset / Minisystem 50 :robux_gold: Creating a setting for your game, or changing a texture in your game.
Medium Asset / Small systems 150 :robux_gold: Robbery system (NOT WE’s ROBBERY KIT)
Large Asset / Large 400 :robux_gold: Map changing system
Extra Large / full on system 1200 :robux_gold: Pets, placement system, matchmaking system

UI commissions:

Type of UI Payment
Basic, uses properties, and UI components, such as UI Gradient or UI Corner :robux_gold: 50
Basic, but icons (Not custom) :robux_gold: 55
Pro, custom textures, icons :robux_gold: 100

Building commissions:

Types of builds Payment
Low poly :robux_gold: 10 / Asset
Basic :robux_gold: 25 / Asset
Custom textures :robux_gold: 60 / Asset
Fully realistic :robux_gold: 100 / Asset
Entire map (Low poly) :robux_gold: 1250
Entire map (Basic) :robux_gold: 1600
Entire map (Fully realistic + Graphics) :robux_gold: 2500

Prices are subject to change.

If a bug occurs, or it simply breaks, all systems I create have a 1 year limited warranty. Let me know if you encounter a bug, and I will fix it for free.


I would first like for you to message me on the Developer forum, so I don’t just accept random friend requests on platforms. I can contact with these platforms:

Developer Forum

Previous contributions

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: Hope I can help you

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Oh, also something to add, I don’t like scripting simulators. I can build them though.

I would say calling your games deprecated doesn’t make sense, call it abandoned or something. Deprecating is more like “you shouldn’t use this”.

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As of 3/10/2021, I will not be doing commissions for anyone else.

Current people i’m helping:

@IAmPinleon - Working with rn
@FantasyStudios - Working with next

After I help these people, i’m probably going to be doing my own stuff for a while. Thank you, WE

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