Weekly inconsistent results with loading group experiences directly in Studio

Every weekend since a couple weeks (maybe months?) ago group experiences have not been loading whatsoever.
Studio will be endlessly loading like this

It does not occur at any other page. Recent games and archive still works, but archive’s group experience tab does not load.

Sometimes this occurs to the webpage creator hub too, meaning any private-d games that we don’t have a direct link to are completely locked out. it’s frustrating not being able to work on weekends when we are free.

Expected behavior

Every weekends the group experiences within Studio loads


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hey OP - please see How to post a Bug Report. I’d love to get a little more info before I pass this on to the Studio team. What kind of system are you on? Cheers.

We are closing this thread as the developer didn’t respond to our Roblox Staff’s request!

Feel free to file a new bug report if the issue is still occurring, thank you!