Weight measuring tool without scripts!

I was playing around in studio a bit when I decided to make something to measure weight without the need of scripts! (cause I’m not very good at scripting)

In the transparent version you can see how it’s done. Basically some stuff welded together, which pushes a brick up when it is pressed down.

Might create a V2 that works better.


pretty sick but whats your use case?

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Just to play around with a bit haha

Pretty cool, I like it. Would it measure different body types as well?

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No. It relies on the weight of parts. Every R6 or R15 package has the same part size, just with a mesh that makes it look different, the mass is still the same.
A scaled avatar or Rthro may be different, but I’m not sure.

Edit: I noticed a slight difference in the weight between R6 and R15 characters! R15 seems to be a little bit heavier!

So this is physics based? Because that’s pretty cool :scream:

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Yeah it is! I also made this graph of how much different materials weigh.

So for example, if the thing standing on top of the measuring tool is made of metal instead of plastic, it’ll actually make a difference!

I’ve also noticed that r15 characters weigh slightly more than R6 characters!

They do have more parts so it’s true!


It’s just less buggy and measures weight more precisely.

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Amazing work my friend! This is great

Hello Mika!

Cool stuff!

I’m making scriptless models too, so I’m really happy to find your post :slight_smile:
This is my first post in this topic, I will share more after my holiday, I may come back to you for a possible collaboration in a complete experience.

That’s pretty cool! How exactly did you make that platform?
Edit: Nevermind I see, thats awesome!

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