Weird Gun animation Problems


I have been trying to animate a gun, however the guns rotation and translation differ between in game and in the animation editor

Below is relevant code from my gun loader function

local model = Gun.Model:Clone()
local Char = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
model.Parent = Char
local GunMotor ="Motor6D")
GunMotor.Parent = Char.Torso
GunMotor.Part0 = Char.Torso
GunMotor.Part1 = model.BodyAttach

here is what it looks like in the animationeditor
on the other hand here is what it looks like in game

as an additional note while making this i was following:

while making this and my implementation does not include a tool

I have tried to adjust for this by rotating the gun in the actual animation but it lead to unexpected translation of the gun in game, i have also looked in the comment section of the post but to no avail, however i will not rule out that i could have missed something

any ideas on how to fix this mystery?