Weird Team Create Bug

For some reason why i try to edit a game with teamcreate (on a group) in incounter this error:


This has never happened to me before and I have tryed to edit the game 5 times and it will not work, i have tryed uninstalling studio and roblox and the same thing happened… If you know how to fix this, help would be appreciated!


This bug is getting in my way too, quite irritating.

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and now it lets me in… weird

Happened to me today too, restarting my pc fixed it

Yeah, this is really weird. I had to disable my group’s team create just to access one of our games. I think it’s because if you leave team create on for extended periods of time this error may occur.

We enabled a change today that looks to have caused some Team Create issues. We’ve since disabled it and are looking into the cause. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you!

Looks like it’s back. Can’t access team create anymore

That error message is just the generic error message. Are you getting any errors in the output when this happens?

Yup, it was in the output too, but it seems everything is working fine now.

@Silent137 Its just very random to happen and yes it prints that message in the output…

Update your studio, usually fixes the bugs that prevent opening team create

It does not give the option to? Roblox sends out updates to all players and as soon as you try to get in it updates, you can not give yourself the abilty get an update before everyone else (unless u have beta or are a admin etc.)

A way around this is to open a .rbxl file

it automatically updates studio.

its a hacky way to update the studio.

(edit, didnt say where you can open this file, screenshot if from skype, but discord works aswell)

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huh… interesting, never knew lol

Still occurring, exactly the same as described above.

Can you provide a screenshot of the error in the output, as well as your Studio version (File > About ROBLOX)?


Studio is the latest version as of 10 or so minutes ago when I reinstalled it as a possible fix.

A screenshot of the output window – not the popup. Please include the version number anyways as well in case Studio isn’t properly updating.

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That is not the current version number or the output widget. Please provide the current version number and the contents of your output widget after this error occurs.