Welcome to 1867 Historical Role Play


Welcome to the update and credit log of 1867: a Roblox historical role-play game, based in Victorian Luxembourg.


Retrace the footsteps of our ancestors. Race through the streets on a ‘Boneshaker’ velocipede, fly through the air on a steampunk flying machine or paddle down the river and view the city from the safety of your very own rowing boat. There are more than 100 badges to be won from around this beautiful Victorian city. Can you clear the rats from the courtyard, pick up pure from the streets, play an authentic Victorian street organ and much more, to earn money for food? Beware of rogues, ghosts, deadly traps and other dangers!

This game is based on an authentic reconstruction of 1867 Luxembourg. Historical documents and photographs have been used throughout, to create an authentic impression of what the city would have looked like during the mid-nineteenth century.

Update Log

Update 1.0.3 "The 🏡Billet🏡 and 🔫Bullet🔫"

Features Added
  • Guns Added
  • Housing Added
  • Daily Rewards Added
  • Twitter Codes Added
  • 91 Furniture Items Added
  • 23 Residential Locations Added
  • 5 Tiers of Houses Added
  • 2 Customization Gamepasses Added
  • Secret Christmas Tree Added
Jobs & Minigames
  • Barber Added
  • Fisherman Added
Shops & In-Game Purchases
  • Real-Estate Shop Added
  • Furniture Store Added
  • Gun Purchase Counter Added
  • Hidden Gun Purchase Location Added

  • House Location Selection Gamepass Added
  • Furniture Coloring Gamepass Added

  • Male Clothing Store Redesigned
  • Female Clothing Store Redesigned
Tools and Firearm
  • Revolver Added
  • Flintlock Pistol Added
  • Doersch Rifle Coming Soon

  • Police Truncheon Added
  • Robber's Cudgel Added
GUI Changes
  • Twitter Code Enter GUI Added
  • Daily Rewards GUI Added
  • House Selection GUI Added
  • Dialog GUI Changed
  • Inventories:

  • Furniture Inventory Added
Performance Changes & Improvements
  • Loading Screen Smoothness Increased
  • Script Performance Improved
Bug Fixes
  • Music Jobs no longer freeze the camera.
  • Houses wrong camera position fixed.
  • Bloomer Loaf unanchored.
  • Multigrain Load is now buyable.
  • Mistype in the ‘Formal Guard Helmet’ fixed.
  • Space of clothing GUI increased.
  • Space of foods GUI increased.
  • Street Organ kills certain types of avatars. (Fixed?)
  • Resetting your character now removes your job.
  • Inability to place furniture on the third floor fixed.
  • Players can no longer purchase more than 1 house.

Update 1.0.2 "Bug FIxes"

  • Fixed Job multiplying rewards and tools.
  • Fixed inability to click on Fishmonger’s NPC

Update 1.0.1 "💹Economy💹"

Jobs & Minigames
  • Rat Catcher Added
  • Fishmonger Added
  • Pure Collector Added
  • Floor Sweeper Added
  • Church Organist Added
  • Pianist Added
  • Street Organist Added
  • Hurdy-Gurdy Player Added
Shops & In-Game Purchases
  • "Curiosity" Shop Added
  • Multiple Grocery Stores Added
  • Two Butchers Added
  • Bakery Added
  • Dairy Shop Added
  • Multiple Vehicle Ports Added
  • Male Clothing Shop Added
  • Female Clothing Shop Added
  • Cafe Nic Beverages Added
  • Velocipede/Bike Added
  • Rowing Boat Added
  • Steampunk Aeroplane Added
Food & Drinks
  • Many Vegetables Added
  • Dairy Products Added
  • Meat Products Added
  • Water Pumps Added
  • Water Bottles Added
GUI Changes
  • Old Centimes, Pets, Rats Caught, Pure Collected Removed
  • New Backpack Added
  • Mute Button Redesign
  • Purchase Centimes Button Redesign
  • Inventories:

  • Clothing Section Added
  • Pets Section Added
  • Food & Drinks Section Added
  • Vehicles Section Added
  • Badge Progress GUI Temporarily Disabled
Visual/Building Changes
  • Water Pump Added
  • Graveyard Zombie Removed
  • Graveyard Ghost Re-added
  • New Butcher Shop Added
  • New Item "Curiosity" Shop Added
Performance Changes & Improvements
  • Loading Screen Length Reduced
  • In-Game Lag Reduced
  • Script Performance Improved
  • Server Latency & Performance Slightly Improved

Special Credits

The Core Team


@ForeverHD - For his Amazing & Useful Zone+ Module

@BitwiseAndrea - For her Amazing & Useful Proximity Prompt Customizer

@williamcb2007 - Some Rigging & Character Animations

@liminaris - Modelling & Audio

Ramirez Falta (RIP) - Modelling

@Iapqwer - Scripting

@UnpaidBlox - Modelling

@hcjlowe - Modelling

@Jetanimegamer5998 - Modelling

@Ohsalat - Modelling

@Ro_m123 - Modelling

@rangblade - Counselling

@Zenigotcha - Modelling

@Er4g0n17 - Artificial Intelligence Project

@gr33nB0Yy - Beta Testing

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