Welcoming Byfron to Roblox

how to get ratted in 5 minutes:

Microsoft Store and Android versions are apparently getting Byfron/Hyperion right now.

This is correct, just as we promised at RDC


Is replacing or adding new textures or audio in the rbxasset folder planned to be punishable under byfron? Doing this at least used to be useful for previewing assets without uploading them or testing audio you cannot upload because of copyright. Or for retexturing local files.

I got few questions about byfron hyperion anti cheat:

  1. Is it going to ban/flag me in the future for having cheats without even running them at all?
  2. When are you guys gonna force 64 bit UWP update? exploiters are currently downgrading and exploiting anyway
  3. Some exploiters just moved to apple’s products (IOS or just mac computers) and are still exploiting on mac. When byfron release on apple products?
  4. Lawsuit? most discord servers related to cheating and exploiting in roblox just got shutdown or turned into minecraft server
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Say goodbye to 36 bit devices, causing to (what you said) to downgrade.

36 bit devices?

I heared only about 32 bit devices :thinking:

Oops!, I may have said it wrong. :disappointed_relieved:

Hello EntyMmePlayrMmaeWork,

  1. Flag, yes; ban, not necessarily. If you have a clean record, then most likely not. All the people who got banned last week had a history of cheating we recorded over time. Thanks to this nice person, cheaters have been rather careless.
  2. We are currently A/B testing. If everything goes well, it should be a matter of weeks rather than months.
  3. I’m sorry I can’t give you a timeline on this.
  4. I’m an engineer, not a lawyer. I can’t comment on this.

What about Bloxstrap???
People are concerned that they will get banned.
What about fps locker???
People have a high chance of getting banned by false.
What about Studio Boostraper???
It’s trash to be honest though.

  1. Bloxstrap is not officially supported; however, it is not on the blacklist and most likely will never be. Bloxstrap does not interact with the client process memory in any way, shape, or form, and we consider it safe.

  2. FPS unlockers are a different issue. We recommend either using FastFlags or FPS unlockers that are digitally signed.

  3. We do not ban people lightly. We observe potentially malicious users over a certain time period; after that, several factors are taken into consideration. Badware detection is just one of at least two more criteria.

  4. Bootstrappers are, in general, fine, assuming they don’t try to access the client process.


Just going to add on to some stuff :happy1:

The FFlag is DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps, to use it, do the following:

  • Create a folder called ClientSettings where Roblox’s installation is held
  • Inside of the new folder, create and open a JSON file called ClientAppSettings.json
  • Put the following contents inside of that file and save:
    "DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps": FPS_LIMIT_YOU_WISH_TO_SET

There has been no confirmed links with bootstrappers/FFlag editors and exploiting bans, just some very salty Da Hood players inside of Bloxstrap’s Discord server:

About the Studio bootstrapper, I’m guessing you’re talking about MaximumADHD’s Mod manager for Studio? (GitHub - MaximumADHD/Roblox-Studio-Mod-Manager: An open-source custom bootstrapper for Roblox Studio that allows you to override files in Roblox Studio's directory, opt into development branches of Roblox, and experiment with Fast Flags.) Studio does not have Byfron tech inside of it, so it’s perfectly fine! @Bitdancer has also stated in the past that Studio won’t have Hyperion (because there is practically no use for it)


I can’t wait for people who’ve spent money on injectors find them useless (although it probably won’t be that easy; I just want justice for all the BedWars hackers)

You know what would be scary? A Roblox employee commenting on your exploiting video about how all your accounts are going to be deleted

Thank you for this useful info. Good to see that they look into it with more then just one factor.

Hopefully the windows version will be parched within a few months!

Hi bitdancer,

Our game perris, california has been a target of cheats. Since the update and implementation of detecting users are using an old version of roblox we have no problems.

Thank you for yalls hard work.


Hello Metro_Division,

Thank you for your kind words. I will pass the praise on to our team to ensure credit is given where credit is due.