Weld.AdjustBy = Enum.Weld.Part0

I saw a topic about welds changing cframe of the smallest of the two welded parts.
This is rather unpredicable and there was some suggestions on how to fix this.

I can’t find the topic but my suggestion is this:
A new value that can be choosen by a dropdown list.

Default would use current system and would not affect any game since it’s, well, default.
But now you get the option to choose part0 or part1. It decides which part stays and which is relocated when it’s all welded.

Is this a good suggestion or no? Someone got original link?

Part0 should be root and Part1 should be moved relative to Part0 – that’s the entire point of Part0, and was the original behavior. The welding based on size is entirely counterproductive and shouldn’t even exist – it’s not useful ever.