Well,I would like some feedback on this Room I build!

Here’s a Room I just build,before I call it done tho,I would love some Feedback! :sweat_smile:
Btw,there’s a LOOOT of Neon,cuz the game’s literally called NEON. :wink:

I hope I can get some good improv.-ideas here! Have a nice day! :innocent:


I like the lightning logo that looks cool, and I like how everything glows.

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O and it wasn’t able to load these images lol


I like it, although I do recommend adding some clutter items to make it look more like a room that is used often.
Things like crates in the corners.

All of that aside, it’s a very good creation. Everything fits together nicely.

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It’s pretty good! I think it could be called done. Especially with you syncing the electronic blue theme, well done!

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Use custom textures instead of using the Diamond Plate texture. The texture looks way too big on the build because of how small the build is. With custom textures, you can adjust their texture size.


I wanna look into that stuff soon. Those things confuse me easily cuz I’m still pretty new to studio.Thx for the comment tho. :innocent:

That looks amazing! I’m not even experienced enough in building to see if there are any mistakes.
(That’s a good thing!)

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Very detailed and nice! I like it, keep it up! I like that kind of camera, but the cylinder on the top with diamond plate kinda disturbing me. I don’t think it’s well fit, but although it’s great!

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Are you talking about that part? :wink:
And if yes,got a suggestion how I could fix it in your opinion? ;D

The walls are quite bland, if you were aiming to achieve an industrial neon look. You could put in more machines on the walls, or maybe posters.

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It’s a small part of a bigger build wich is some kinda modern lab. (^-^)