Hiring Builder & UI Designer [R$100,000+]

Hello! I am an experienced UI designer, and I am up for the job. Discord:
MrBunnyKing#8346. I also recommend @EhhDmitry for building. He is an experienced builder and blender modeler. If you DM me, I can put you in touch with him :slight_smile:

Interested, check my website for samples and contacts.


If above doesn’t work, check my portfolio, which is a featured post in my profile.



(For the ui position if it’s not taken)

Hello! I am gat,I have been developing for 5 years. I can send you all information on discord SignsDev7382

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Hey there! My name is gxxrde discord is gxxrde#4854, I’d im pretty experienced in making cities as I have already previously made cities before for other groups, but here is my portfolio and yes I do need to updated it Intermediate builder looking for jobs {Closed for now}

Best regards,

you can view my porfolio
-Wertyhappy27 (Builder and beginner gui and scripter)

Hello my name is mastericyfire im a builder and my discord is jailbreak#7767

Send friend request.

User on discord: depressed.#4058

Im interested if it is still open

DM me, my discord username is adurances;;#2567. It is much easier to discuss this on there.

If this is still open for a UI Designer I am interested

I am very interested in the building position. Contact me! JESES90#1910.

Hey, I am very interested in this job. My discord is Lyte#0001

I’m interested in the position! [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

My discord is Sinox#5016

Hey there, I am interested. I have done lots of interior designing before and lots of City/residential builds.

Here is my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] Builder/Terrain Editor

Contact me on discord: sureloxx#7985

Hello my discord username is: Revan#6694
Here is my current portfolio: OPEN [Builder] [Scripter] [3D modelling in blender] [Experience with terrain] TaterTech
Please contact me via discord I have some scripting related things to show, I really just want to be a part of an organized dev team.

Hey! DM me on Twitter? @XynThomas

I’m interested in applying for the builder position, my tag is abk#3284.

Hi there! I’m UI Designer. My Discord Zoxian#7341

My portfolio Dan999plus | UI Designer

Hello I am Interested, please contact me on my discord Dinosoreo32#0306